Thursday, September 30, 2010

A lot of This and a Little of That Thursday

First, the weather has been beautiful!  I just love the fall, too bad in Iowa it is a very, very short season.  That's one thing I am really looking forward to about moving.  Plus, I'm very excited to see the trees change colors and enjoy that natural wonder.  OK...enough about!

Reba has loved playing in the sandbox.  She will sit and dig and play while Dallas drags me about the yard wanting to do other things.  Plus, she has learned that the sand doesn't taste all that great, so she has stopped putting it in her mouth and I can feel comfortable walking away for a few minutes.
One thing I won't miss about Iowa...the wind.  I mean how is a girl suppose to keep her hair looking fabulous all day with this wind?
This goober just makes me laugh!
We have been having some great successes with the potty training and sleeping in the big boy bed, but as to be expected...we have our moments.  He also knows when the camera is on, taking pictures of his sister, and how to step in front and flash that grin!

The other day I posted about new things the kiddos can do, well the next day, Reba surprised me by doing this...

Yea, she just took off and up the stairs she went!  She made it about half way up before she stopped to see if anyone was following (and yes, I was!)

Reba has also started to stand (without holding on to something) for longer periods of time.  Here, she was pouring herself a nice cup of tea.
Oh, remember that packing's how I found Dallas later that day.
When did I get two monkeys for kids?

And, finally a short video.  We were playing outside today when I noticed Dallas climbing onto his pedal tractor a little different than normal.  Apparently, he has to climb on like Daddy climbs on the big Ollie.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Reba's First Tea Party

Ma-maw and Pa-paw gave Reba the cutest little tea set for Christmas last year.  While cleaning today, I came across it and Reba seemed very interested (as well as Dallas).  I decided to take a break from the cleaning and had a little tea party with my kiddos.

Reba jumped right in on the playing!
 Dallas took it upon himself to make sure everyone's cups stayed full
 They played so well together!
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Look who has moved into a big boy bed!
This morning Dallas and I put together his bed.  Luckily, it was a very simple process.  The trickiest part was that silly bed rail that I totally insisted he have.  Oh, well.  Dallas took his nap in the bed without getting out of bed once.  He also went right to sleep this evening without a fight.  There...I just jinxed it.

Some might wonder why I switched him with Doug being gone, getting ready to move, etc.  Here is my reasoning.  I hope that this will make the transition to a new home easier having already gotten used to the big boy bed.  (Reba will be getting Dallas' crib, as the crib she is currently in is borrowed from a friend here in Williamsburg)  Also, not too long after Labor Day weekend, Dallas learned how to climb out of the crib.  He only did it once, but that was enough to convince me he is ready.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Things the Kiddos Do

The other day, Dallas got my phone. Before I knew it, he had sent his very first text/pic message!
Miss Reba has discovered the joys of table food! With her iron levels being on the low side, the doctor suggested we give her more meat - and that has lead to more table food and less baby puree.
Reba has also been "stealing" Dallas' cups for about a month, so this past weekend, she got her very own cups (pink/purple with flowers!) Unlike her big brother, Reba loves to drink water.
Last night, I was quite surprised when I found Reba had climbed on the rocking horse all by herself! She even sat and rocked on her own, but then she got stuck when trying to get off!
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stairwell Makeover

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have been working on lots of projects around the house. I would say the biggest project that we...umm, I...took on was repainting the stairwell. The stairwell had pink walls (to match that lovely pink carpet). I had some left over paints that I mixed together to create a light brown for the walls and ceiling. I also re-painted the trim and doors. I am debating whether to paint the small area below the white molding coming down the stairs. It is still pink, and I'm thinking about painting it white. The pictures on the left are the before and the ones on the right are the after.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moving/Selling Update (and what we've been doin')

I am sorry for not blogging recently. We have been extremely busy in this house. I thought I would give you an update/run-down of what's been going on around here.

  • Thursday evening, Gram and Pa Bergman arrived to watch the kiddos for the weekend while Doug and I worked around the house
  • Friday, Doug took off work, as it was going to be the only nice day to work outside
  • On Friday, I took Reba to the hospital for her complete blood cell count (blood draw). Unfortunately, they drew the blood too slowly the first time and they weren't able to get an accurate count; therefore, they had to draw it again. Poor girl cried and cried...and there wasn't anything I could do help her until it was over. (The doctor's office called Monday afternoon with the results: her hemoglobin level was higher [it was 8.2 at the office on Wed., and it was 11.5 on Friday], but it was still below what they wanted it. Dr. Boelter talked with the pharmacist and worked up a special vitamin supplement to boost Reba's iron levels. They also suggested she eat more meat...which I just started her on this last week.)
  • Also, on Friday, I went to get my driver's license renewed. They expired on my birthday this year (July 30!) Luckily, there is a 60 day grace period, so I didn't have to take the written test again.
  • Once I got home around noon, Doug had already sprayed off the house and porch with the pressure washer. He was opening the paint to start on the porch. We were able to get the storm windows and most of the porch painted before we had to stop to get ready for Doug's going-away party at work. Bob and Connie also washed and painted the decorative corner pieces on the porch for us. I tell you what, it looks like a brand new porch now!
  • Friday night was the party at Fireside Winery. It was a beautiful evening to sit outside, eat supper, and drink a few glasses (or bottles) of wine :) while listening to the live music. Our dear friend, Gema, also surprised us by driving up from St. Louis for the party!
  • Saturday morning was a little slow going, but we were able to accomplish a few things. I painted the stairwell (that was a huge task!) Doug and Bob painted the trim for the bathroom.
  • I ran out of paint for the stairwell (I had combined left over paint, and thought the gallon would get it, but it didn't), and we needed a few pieces of trim to finish the bathroom; therefore, Doug and I made a trip to Coralville, to Lowes. We were able to match my "custom" paint and find all the pieces we needed.
  • Sunday morning started with church and then we stopped for breakfast on the way home.
    Doug and his parents worked on taking down my barn quilt once we were home from church. Luckily, the rain let up for a little bit and they were able to get it done successfully.
  • I decided to paint the closet in Reba's bedroom. There was a stain from an old leak in the roof. I got the first coat of primer on, and then Doug and I started on hanging the trim for the bathroom. We were able to get the bathroom finished just in time to watch the Colts!
  • Monday morning, I did the flight of the bumble bee cleaning the house because the first of 4 home inspections was to start at 10 am! These inspections are needed in order for us to be able to participate in the home buyout program with Monsanto.
  • The first inspection was a general house inspection. I was also able to schedule 2 of the other inspections for Monday late morning (the septic inspection and the structural inspection). As of now, we know that we "failed" the septic inspection, so we are working on lining up someone to come put in a new system for us.
  • Before the inspectors arrived, Bob and I were able to get the bushes trimmed up in front of the house. Those poor things hadn't had a trim in almost 2 years!
  • Doug's parents left around 11 Monday morning, after the final inspector had left. We were so thankful that they were able to come out and entertain the kiddos while Doug and I worked - there's no way we would have been able to get done what we did if they hadn't been here.
  • Monday afternoon, while the kiddos napped, I was able to put another coat of paint on the walls of Reba's closet. Monday evening, once Doug got home, I was able to finish painting the porch.
  • Tuesday morning, the 4th inspector, the pest guy, came - completing our first round of inspections!
  • Tuesday after lunch, Doug and I (and the kiddos) went and picked up my car from the mechanic. We decided to have Lily fixed so that I can have the car to drive while Doug can take the truck to Indiana to start work (he won't be getting a company vehicle with the new job).
  • Tuesday afternoon, while the kiddos napped (again), I was able to put the 3rd and final coat of paint on Reba's closet! Once Doug got home from work, I started painting the trim and doors in the stairwell. I was able to get one coat done before everyone went to bed.
  • That brings us to Wednesday...we took it easy this morning. This afternoon, there was another going-away party at the plant (the party Friday evening was just for Doug's group, today's was for the entire plant). I took the kiddos in for this party since they didn't go Friday night.
  • I hope to finish the last coat of paint on the stairwell trim tomorrow, as well as get some grocery shopping done.
  • Doug leaves on Saturday for Evansville, and begins work on Monday morning - not really looking for that.
  • Of course, in all of this mess, Dallas is working on learning to use the potty like a big boy. We have had a couple really successful days, and a few not so good days, but we are getting there. I hope that we can be somewhat established with it before moving. We are also getting ready to move Dallas into a big boy bed! Let's hope that goes smoothly, and he is adjusted before moving.

Well, that's our life recently. I am trying my best to keep up on everyone's blogs, but I apologize if I'm not commenting as much as I used to...

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reba's 9 Month Check-Up...

...err, make that 10 Month Check-Up
This little miss is growing! Reba weighed in at 19 pounds 2 ounces and was 28 and 1/4 inches tall. That puts her in the 50th and 60th percentile respectively for her age. Of course, she has a lot of brain power going on as well because her head circumference was 18 inches (which put her in the 90th percentile!).

Dr. Nancy says that she is doing great and is super healthy - clean ears, nose and throat! She was even a little surprised by some of the things Miss Reba can already do. One thing that was of a little concern was Reba's hemoglobin levels. They were on the low side, so we are to take her to the hospital in Marengo soon to have a more in-depth blood draw and check. Dr. Nancy wasn't overly concerned, and she said she was positive that the results would come back fine - especially with Reba's great complexion and activity.

Some new things that Reba is up to these days:
She now crawls with her belly up off the ground
She can quickly pull herself up to a standing position (and has started to let go to stand independently)
She can "cruise" across the furniture
She can feed herself things like cheerios, puffs, and yogurt bites
She loves to talk and sing (mama-mama is her favorite line)
She still has only the two bottom front teeth...I would have bet my savings account that those top 4 teeth were going to break through a month ago!
She loves to sit and clap her hands
She loves to watch Dallas and imitate him as best she can (of course, Dallas likes to copy Reba too)
She sleeps about 10 hours straight at night, and takes at least one nap (2 hours) a day...some days I can get a second nap out of her
She loves to take baths and splash and "swim" - she doesn't mind the water in her face, unlike her brother
She is totally going to be a tomboy...she already chooses tractors, trucks, farm animals, etc. over dolls and stuffed animals
She has started to eat some table food (mashed potatoes, casseroles, noodles, etc)
She still loves that thumb!
I'm sure I'm missing many things, but that is all my brain can think of this late at night.

Until next time...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Horsin' Around

One night last week, the neighbors came down the road on their horses. Dallas always loves to go see and pet the horses, so we made our way out to the road. They asked if Dallas wanted to ride, and he said yes, but he wanted to ride with Dad not Craig (the neighbor). Craig very generously got off and let Doug and Dallas on Dandy. (Remember Dallas' first horse ride?)
They did a few laps around the yard and up and down the driveway. Then Dallas wanted to ride with Momma.
Reba even got her very first horse ride with Kathy.
Kathy was going to take Reba around the yard, but Jack started to act up a little, so Reba rode with Momma on Dandy. Reba was as relaxed as could be - notice the thumb in her mouth!
Dallas finally got on with Micki and they trotted up and down the driveway. Dallas thought it was great getting to go faster.
The next night, Kathy called back and asked if we wanted to come down and ride again. We said sure! Doug stayed at their house with Craig and Reba while Dallas and I rode down the road with Micki and Kathy. When we got back to the house, Doug rode around the arena with Dallas. They made it up to a lobe a few times. Needless to say, they were having a blast.
Reba checking Dandy's nose out during one of her breaks from running with Doug and Dallas. Why did God make a baby's hand the perfect size to fit up a horse's nostril?
Until next time...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Robertson Labor Day Get-Away

Doug and I hosted our last Labor Day Get-Away for the Robertson family this year (well, our last one at this house). We were so thankful that so many were able (and willing) to make the trip. We had plenty of food (my fridge has just a few left overs remaining), laughs and memories. As always, I wasn't the best with my camera - I'm hoping either my mom or Lisa will be sending some of their's my way so I can share...

Saturday lunch time for Reba was a little difficult - she was too interested in what all her cousins were doing in the front room!
The new item for this year...
Doug and I saw this was available for rent at our local hardware store. We thought it would be perfect for all the kids (young, old, and young at heart)
Dallas thought it was a blast. He was very disappointed when he had to take it back on Monday.
Alex preparing to bounce everyone in the air
I even joined in on the fun
Aaron taking a little break from the action
Poor Dallas and Austin had a hard time staying up
I was so proud of Dallas and how willing he was to let the other kids play with his toys. This was the closest he came to "playing with" his cousins - sitting among them and watching.
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birthday Wishes

While Momma and Reba worked on the birthday sign for Ma-maw, Dallas worked on a creating a picture just for Ma-maw!
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun Friday Foto...

...has returned! This foto was taken last weekend during the Robertson Labor Day Get-Away.

Great-Grandpa Robertson and 9 of his 12 great-grandkids.
Andrew (holding) Ashton, Alex (standing behind) Aaron (with the hat), Reba (on the back of the chair), Grace (being held by) Great-Grandpa, Dallas (in front), George Martin and Austin

Until next time...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oodles to Share

OK...I think I am about caught up with posts. Make sure you scroll down to check out all my updates. I put them in "reverse" order, so you should read about our latest adventures as they occurred. It starts with the Iowa State Fair and ends with the Kentucky State Fair. I also have my pictures downloaded from Labor Day weekend, so I will be sharing them soon.

I also have one last bit of exciting information to share with the blogging world...
drumroll please...

We are moving!

Yes, we are getting ready to put our house up for sale, and we are moving to the Evansville, IN area.

Doug has taken a new job with Monsanto at the Evansville location. They are wanting him to start the last week of September (yes, that's coming up very quickly). As for the kids and I, we will more than likely be staying here in Iowa for a short time - working on selling the house and what not.

So look forward to more updates as we start this next journey.

Until next time...

Iowa State Fair - Sheep Show

As many of you know, my parents brought their sheep to Iowa for the state fair. They spent about 4 days at out house before spending two days at the fair. The show was the afternoon of Wednesday, August 18. Dallas got us started right that morning with tuning in the radio.
Then it was nap time all around (the kiddos were so excited about spending the night in a hotel, that they didn't go to sleep until 1 a.m. and then were up at 4:30 ready for the day!)
These two slept through almost the entire show
Me and the kiddos in our show shirts
Dallas getting to help show
He thinks he's big stuff when he "tries" to set feet
The entire flock
Dallas was then able to help with chores after the show
One last family picture
Until next time...

Iowa State Fair - Day 2

On Thursday, we were able to walk around and enjoy the different sites of the state fair. We had bought a package of tickets for Dallas, Doug and I. The package included a ride on the sky glider, a ride on the giant slide, a pony or camel ride, one ride on the mid-way, admission to the model train or snake exhibit and $5 worth of fair food! It was well worth it, and Dallas had a blast.

As we were going through the cattle barn, Dallas caught this steer before it got out the door :) Dallas going down the giant slide with Dad
It was so fast, he lost his hat!
Dallas even got to take a trip with Momma
A trip to the fair wouldn't be complete without seeing the butter cow.
We had to take in all the antique tractors
and the new tractors
The view from the sky glider
Dallas on his very first mid-way ride...just call him the "king"
There is building at the fair that has various birthing animals (pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, ducks, chicks, ostrich, etc.) Dallas got this great looking hat after seeing the piglets
Dallas absolutely loved the pony ride!
There was a small petting zoo as well - apparently, the goat was tired of the feed and went for Dallas' hat instead
Dallas was a bit shocked when this big guy licked his hand
Until next time...