Monday, June 16, 2014

Vermillion County Fair

Our first sheep show of the summer was yesterday in a little town called Cayuga, located in Vermillion County.  Check in time was very early, and with the time difference, we headed up Saturday night.  
After unloading the sheep, we got some supper and checked in to the hotel.  

Pa-paw, Ma-maw, and Aunt Lisa arrived shortly after us on Sunday morning with the rest of the flock!  Daddy then gave the kiddos a pep talk before heading into the ring...

Dallas and Sparkler
Miss Reba cracks me up in this photo!
After showing the ewes, there was quite a break before showing the rams.  Dallas was entertaining himself by seeing how far he could reach on the gate!
Ma-maw captured a great picture of Doug and I
Not sure what she's doing here...
We all had a great time, and it was a good first show of the summer.

Until next time...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Classic Iron Tractor Show - 2014

This weekend is the Classic Iron Show at the Vanderburgh County Fairgrounds.  Last year, we took the Oliver and enjoyed multiple days at the show.  This year, we are only going one day and left the Oliver at home, but Pa brought along his Wheel Horse and wagon to put around the show!

Aunt Josie and Julianne
Julianne had a grand time at her first tractor show!
One last photo before going home
While at the show, I was able to browse through the flea market area, and came across these jars to add to my collection...
Based on the script writing of "Ball", these jars date between 1910-1923.  If you can't tell, they are both blue color.  I really liked the one above because "PERFECT MASON" is off-centered and higher on the jar.  I have not seen one like that before.  Is it an imperfection? I don't know.  The jar below, I liked because of the vertical lines that go around the jar.  Also, I liked the way the tail of the second "l" in Ball sharply comes back.

Until next time...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Evansville Otters

Each year the realty group we worked with when buying our current house hosts a night at the ballpark.  The game was last night, and this year, Pa, Gram and Aunt Josie joined us for the game.

Dallas and Reba loved it, but Julianne, on the other hand, did not care for it.  I think the game was too loud for her little ears.
After the game, all the kids in attendance were able to run the bases.  You can see Doug in the middle of the picture (red shirt, red hat) waiting with Dallas and Reba.
If I may be honest for a moment...after the Otters' official opened the gate and all the children started running, I completely lost track of my two!  It wasn't until they were almost done that I spotted them...

Dallas rounding third!
There's Reba after crossing home plate.
Daddy then joined them at home plate
We found this cute car outside the stadium
There was a gentleman that sat in front of us during the game, that gave Reba the balloon animal (it was suppose to be a cat).  She carried that silly thing around for 2 or 3 days!
Ever seen a flying otter?
Yep, there's that balloon cat again!
I believe I have talked about the Evansville Otters before on here.  It is an independent professional baseball league that plays at historic Bosse Field.  Parts of A League of their Own was filmed here, and it is the third oldest ballpark in the nation (behind Wrigley and Fenway)

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tooth Fairy

This past Sunday, Dallas lost his first tooth*!
He had chose an apple for a snack while Doug and I were working on the sheep.  After a few bites, Dallas stated, "My tooth is no longer loose!"  Yep, that front little tooth got lost in the apple, so Dallas wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining why there was nothing under the pillow :)
Until next time...

*technically, this was his 3rd tooth for the tooth fairy.  He had two pulled at the dentist office a few weeks ago.  None the less, there was a quarter waiting for him when he woke up the next morning!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Show Prep

Next weekend is our first sheep show of the summer; therefore, I have spent the last few days preparing the sheep to enter the show ring!  It is amazing what a bath and a haircut trim will do for an individual.

This is Reba's ewe lamb, Rachael, after I first took the electric shears to her.
Rachael, after a bath and a quick fit
Next was Dallas' ewe lamb, Sparkler.  Again, after first taking the electric clippers to her
A bath and a trim later...
I forgot to take Buster's "before" picture, but here is his "after"
Until next time...