Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sand Art

Dallas and Reba each received a sand art kit for Valentine's Day from Gram and Pa.  Since it was cold out, we decided today was a good day to work on them.  Plus, Julianne was down for a nap, and Daddy was home to giving a helping hand :)
 The kits came with a bottle to fill and a picture to cover.  We had to peel off small sections of the picture at a time to make a sticky area for the sand to stick.  Dallas was able to do a lot of his by himself; Reba needed a little more help from Daddy.
Reba's finished which Doug said that even Kesha would be jealous of the amount of glitter Reba used!
Dallas with his finished bottle
I found a couple inexpensive frames so they could display their pictures in their room (without having sand falling everywhere)
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bath Time

Doug and I have decided we wouldn't last long in a large hatchery operation.  We worry too much about the little ones causing us to check on them constantly.

For instance, we thought a couple of the chicks were taking too long to completely hatch out their shells, so we assisted them.  We found part of the problem was the humidity was not high enough, and the membranes of the eggs were drying causing the chick to get stuck.  (The low humidity might have been because we were constantly opening the incubator to look at them...) 

Because the chicks were stuck, part of the egg shell and yolk sac were matted to their feathers.  We decided they needed baths in order for them to fluff up.

Luckily, we had a couple little people very willing to help bathe the babies!

Until next time...

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Baby Chicks are Hatching

Yesterday, I went to the basement to change laundry, and I heard chirping noises!  I rushed over to the incubator, but there were no chicks.  I did see 3 eggs with pip holes!  I grabbed my phone and got a video so you could hear the chicks

I then excitedly called Doug to let him know what I had discovered.  The kiddos and I kept checking on them through the afternoon and evening, but none hatched.  Doug then checked on them after the rest of us were in bed, and this is what he found...
Our 1st chick to hatch!

Doug was so excited to show the kiddos the next morning, and well, they were pretty excited too! 
Check out how much they dried off through the night, and look closely, two more had hatched during the night.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Match #2

Tonight was Dallas' second match.  We have been battling ear infections, sinus infections, and Julianne even has pneumonia; therefore, the girls and momma stayed home tonight.

Doug snapped a couple pictures from the night.  
Dallas again wrestled twice.  He was pinned in the first match, and he pinned his opponent in the second match for the win.
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

First Wrestling Match

Today was the big day - Dallas' 1st wrestling match!  He was a little nervous, but he had a lot of supporters cheering for him.  Doug took him to the weigh in area and snapped this picture...
Our Muscle Man weighing in at 53 lbs
Warmed up and ready to begin.
 As I mentioned in a previous blog, Dallas is wrestling in the Mater Dei feeder league.  Mater Dei is the catholic high school on the west side of Evansville.  There are multiple elementary schools that "feed" into the high school.  There were 7 schools that participate in the wrestling program.  I would say there were easily over 150 young boys (preschool thru 8th grade) there to wrestle today.  The JV wrestled the first hour, and the varsity wrestled afterwards.  They try to separate the JV by age and then by weight.  There were 7 or 8 mats going at one time.  For the varsity, there were only 4 mats of wrestlers.

Dallas was able to wrestle twice today.  He got a take down early, but ended up being pinned.
The boys were either a red or green band around their ankle to aide the official in scoring.  Dallas was red both times.
This was his second match.
They actually went into the 2nd period before Dallas got the win!
Keep up the great work Big D!

Until next time...