Sunday, September 14, 2014

Now and Then

At the beginning of the school year, St. Wendel hosted a "Meet the Teacher" night, but it was for parents only; therefore, our three kiddos spent some time over with our friends, the Schenk's.  Carla sent me the following picture shortly after dropping the kiddos off...
I thought it was pretty good to get all 5 kiddos on their Gator.  Then, as I have been working on catching up my own blog, I ran across this picture...
Dallas and Ciara riding on our Gator - 3 years to the date earlier!  Things have changed just a little...

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Monday, September 8, 2014

St. Wendel Summer Social

One of our school's biggest events is the Summer Social held at the beginning of September.  It is a two day event that begins with Saturday evening mass followed by a pork chop supper.  The games and raffles begin shortly thereafter, too.  The party goes until 10 or so in the evening, and starts up again with Sunday morning mass, followed by a fried chicken dinner.  The games, raffles, auctions, ect stay open until 10 pm on Sunday as well!  We had so much fun this year.  Dallas and Reba couldn't get enough of the inflatable area, Doug and I enjoyed seeing many friends, as well as getting to know more of the parents of our kiddos' classmates.  As always, the food was excellent, and to top the cake - the weather was AMAZING!  Enjoy the photos...

This is what greets you as you enter the Social...
Dallas and Reba are in there somewhere
Julianne even did a little bouncing (from the outside)

The inflatables area is fenced off with orange snow fencing.  This year, I was a lot more relaxed with the kiddos.  I told them as long as they stayed inside the fence, they could go from bounce house to bounce house.  I (or Doug - and sometimes both of us) stayed in the center of the area so they could find us if they needed something.  Dallas and Reba loved the freedom to run around with their classmates without having to wait on Mom and Dad (and Julianne)!

Dallas loved the dunk tank.  He actually did fairly well.  He hit the target more than once, but not always with enough force to trip the dunk.
Julianne finally crashed on Saturday night
On Sunday, we headed back to enjoy more of the fun.  Daddy took the kiddos to bounce while I worked a shift monitoring the "Big Kid" inflatable area (ages 10 and up).  After my shift was over, Daddy went through the carry-out line and got lunch for all of us.  We then sat under a shade tree in the "Little Kid" inflatable area to eat.  Dallas and Reba finished their meals quickly and went back to bouncing while Doug and I finished ours.  It was perfect!

Reba then wanted to play some games to try and win some prizes.  First us was the Plinko Drop

And then it was Pick a Duck

Reba won a tattoo at the Pick a Duck, so we had to go to the bathroom right away to apply it!
It was then time for the Pedal Pull!  Reba's age group was up first.  She got a full pull on her first run, and had a good pull in the pull off, but she was edge out of a top 3 placing by an inch!

Dallas' age group followed next.  The sled was a bit heavier, and not a one in the class got a full pull.  There was though, a tie for 2nd place - and one of them was Dallas!

Dallas did great in the pull off, and finished 3rd in his age group.
Dallas then headed back to the dunk tank!

And, Reba played a few more games before heading back to the inflatable area!  We had planned on leaving about mid-afternoon, but Dallas and Reba were having a great time, Julianne was very content, and Doug and I were enjoying ourselves, too.  We ended up eating supper at the Social, and finally made our way home close to 8 p.m.  Enough time to brush teeth and crash in bed!

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Fun Friday Fotos

Man! It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that Reba was big enough to start riding with Dallas, or that Dallas was learning to drive the Gator!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day

We ended our long weekend with a little more fun with our families before making the trip home.  On Sunday, we helped Pa-paw and Aunt Lisa shear off the older ewes in preparation of fall lambing.  Even Dallas and Reba took a turn with the electric clippers!
We of course had to play with tractors - big and small before leaving!

Julianne also got to take a ride on "Mac"
I decided we needed to have a treat about halfway home...Can you believe they ate the entire thing?!?!
Once we got home and got the van unloaded, it was time to do chores.  Once that job was finished, the kiddos wanted to swing.  Apparently, Julianne had met her quota of fun for the weekend.
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wedding Fun

After finishing cleaning up the mess we made at Pa and Gram's, we all got cleaned up and headed out to Matthew and Michelle's wedding!  (You might remember Matthew from a few different blog posts - he has hauled the Oliver for us a couple different times.)

The happy couple was married on the front porch of her parents' home - where her parents were also married!
The reception was in the machine shop there on the farm.  Reba LOVED the cake!
As did Julianne
Outside, they had this cute little photo "booth" area.  They also had many pedal tractors for the kiddos to enjoy.  There were corn hole boards set up, too.
The father/daughter dance.
Aunt Lisa and Reba tried to catch the bouquet.
Pa-paw enjoyed a dance or two
Reba and Dallas then got warmed up, and they tore up the dance floor!

Here's a little video of them dancing...

Thanks again for inviting us to celebrate in your special day.  May the Lord bless you with many happy years together.

Until next time...