Friday, July 24, 2015

Pickin' Beans

This morning, I picked (what I hope is) my last batch of green beans (with the help of Gram).
I had two rows of beans this year: one row of Contender variety and one row of Blue Lake variety.  One of those buckets was the "third picking" off the Contender row, and the other two buckets are from the Blue Lake.  I have already picked 2.5 buckets off the Contender row.  It was my first time planting the Blue Lake, but I'm happy to report they did well.  I found that all the beans on the Blue Lake were ready at one time (as in I am only going to pick once off that row), unlike the Contender where there were small beans on the plants letting me know there was more to come.  If that makes any sense...

Looks like I have a date breaking beans and running the pressure cooker tomorrow :)

Until next time...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Farmers Pull

After the sheep show, we headed to the grandstands to watch the truck and tractor pulls.  They run 3 tracks at this pull!  By the time the night is over they have ran various classes of garden tractors, Hot Farm, Pick-up Trucks, and Semis!

If you know Dallas, you will know that this was his favorite tractor of the night!  He is in love with the 1206...
Somehow, Sugar was even able to catch a catnap at one point!
Until next time...

Vanderburgh Fair - Show Day

This afternoon was the sheep show at the Evansville fair.  Luckily, the heat broke yesterday and it was a pleasant day to show.  Pa, Gram and Aunt Josie arrived around lunch time, and Pa-paw and Ma-maw arrived right as we were done showing the rams.  Thanks once again to Ma-maw for bringing her camera...enjoy the pictures!

I took "Doc" for a walk before it was our turn to go in the ring. (also enjoy the week 29 baby bump photo!)
Pa-paw holding "Elizabeth" for Dallas before heading into the ring

Elizabeth was being a little on the naughty side, so Daddy ended up showing her while Dallas set feet.
Reba and Doc won the class, and Dallas and Elizabeth earned second.
Reba and Doc also ended up winning Champion Dorset ewe!
Sugar enjoying the show (and a snack) from the fence
You can always count on a smile from this girl!
Reba showing off her Champion ribbon
Dallas proud of the Reserve Grand Champion we received for Crackerjack (the Natural Colored Ram)
Sugar...well, she just loves to be cheesy in front of the camera!
Until next time...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vanderburgh County Fair - Day 1

With the way the month of July falls this year, the Vanderburgh Fair and the Jackson County Fair fall on different weeks.  We have been wanting to take the sheep to Vanderburgh for a few years now, but the animals must move in on Tuesday to show on Thursday.  This typically overlaps with Jackson, where we move in on Sunday to show on Wednesday - following me?

Anywho, today was the day to load the sheep and take them to the fair.  We needed to be there by 5 o'clock, so Doug planned on leaving work early to be home to load the sheep.  I had quite a "to do" list ready for when Sugar went down for her nap.  She had other plans for me...
Yep, she actually fell asleep in my arms!  I'm not sure when the last time that happened!  I decided the list could wait, and rocked her for about a half an hour.  The main reason I put her down - my zucchini bread was done baking.  I didn't think it would be wise to ask Dallas or Reba to pull it out of the oven.

I was able to get my list completed as Doug pulled in the drive.  We made it to the fair in plenty of time, and the sheep got settled in quickly.
I did a little bit of clipping work on one before we decided to go check out the rodeo!  Doug had taken the kiddos over while I was working, and they were able to watch some of the bronc riding.  When we arrived later, they were finishing the steer wrestling portion.
We also watched the barrel races
and the team roping.
We did stay long enough to see the bull riding portion, but it was too dark for my phone to get a decent picture.  Unfortunately, not a single cowboy got an 8 second ride.

Until next time...

Monday, July 20, 2015

New Little Helper

We have a full line up of sheep shows in the next week and half; therefore, we have spent the last two nights washing and clipping sheep.  Dallas and Reba were busy riding their bike/trike, so Sugar decided to give me a lending hand each night...

When Julianne isn't helping, she's tagging along on the back of Reba's ride

Dallas even helped wash a couple lambs
and Daddy sheared a couple bellies!
Until next time...