Sunday, July 29, 2012

My "Golden" Birthday

That's right, this year I turn 30 years old on the 30th.  So why it isn't actually my birthday, we have already celebrated here at home.  Doug left Friday morning for work and headed to Georgia to help that group with their harvest.  Since he knew he would be gone, he took the kiddos shopping early in the week and let me open my cards and presents a week before my birthday :)

Reba showing off the art work she did on my card
Opening my card from Reba
Dallas opened the card he picked out for me
Reba picked out some new flip-flops for me - she knows her momma loves shoes!
Dallas picked out a new bird feeder for me and a big bag of feed (Dallas was explaining to me that we can hang the feeder out by the swingset so we can watch the birds eat while I push him in the swing...always thinkin' that kid!)
Doug also took me out to dinner before he left.  We ate at a local sushi restaurant!  It was the first time I have had sushi and it was really good.  As we were leaving the restaurant, Doug said, "I expect to see this on the blog."  I replied with, "Why didn't you have me take pictures then?"  So I apologize for no pictures.  I must be getting forgetful in my "old" age.

Until next time...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun Friday Fotos

Last week the kiddos finished up swimming lessons for the summer.  We celebrated by going out for pizza with friends
Ciara, Mattison, Carla, Reba and Dallas
The kiddos LOVE helping in the garden.  We have to watch Little Miss very carefully because she would pull every slightly red tomato or the tiniest bell peppers!
One afternoon, we got stuck in a traffic jam in our little town...luckily, I knew a way to cut through the country to get around it.  About 10 minutes after we got home, we watched the cause of the back-up roll by the house.  The electric company was having to go ahead of the rig to lift up (or in some instances take down) the wires going across the road.
The kiddos sat on the front porch and watched.  They even pumped their arms and got the truck driver to blow his air horn!

A while back I bought Dallas some new socks.  He was so proud that he was able to get them on by himself!
Finally, last weekend, Doug helped me put up 24 pints of salsa and 10 pints of spaghetti sauce!
Until next time...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Let's go Racing Boys!

Over the weekend, Doug and I took the kiddos to the races in Haubstadt.  We had a great time, and we even got to see a few good flips rides.  Enjoy the photos...

Dallas and Daddy
The white car in the middle was Dallas' favorites of the modifieds
When in Rome, do as the Romans...

Drivers lining up before the feature sprint race

Reba finally got into cheering during the last race of the night!
There was a gentleman sitting near us that gave the kiddos these safety glasses to help keep the dirt out of their eyes.  They loved 'em!
During a red flag, this car stopped right in front of our seats - it also happened to be the one Dallas picked as his favorite for the feature!
Until next time...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Miss

Anyone want to tell her she is not going to pre-school this year?

Me either.

Until nex time...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Collecting Eggs

The kiddos love helping collect the eggs!  Sorry it's a little dark, but it was later in the day and there are no lights in the barn.
So proud of their collection! (yes, these 3 eggs were from a different day)
Until next time...

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I'm thinking about adding mechanic to my list of DIY projects/accomplishments.  I'll let you know soon how that works out.

Why am I playing mechanic in our house?  Oh yea, the kiddos' Gators needed some work :)

In order to assess the problems, I had to remove some parts (i.e. the dump beds and seats).  I'm waiting on the parts I ordered to arrive; therefore, I have not put the Gators back together.  Needless to say, they kiddos think it's pretty hilarious driving around like this...

Dallas' Gator is missing both the seats and dump bed
Reba's is just missing the dump bed
I had to laugh at this scene...both covering their eyes while trying to see the helicopter overhead!
Until next time...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bye Bye Birdie

Or maybe I should say ducks.  That's right, we said good-bye to our ducks.

Dallas a few days before releasing them
Reba chasing a few of them around the yard
Petting them one last time
All loaded up!
Happily waddling to their new home
They took to the pond like a duck to... well, you know, water!  Plus, they have all kinds of new friends at their new home (our 6 ducks are the dark ones in front - just look at all the others in the background coming to greet them!)
Dallas tossing some bread cubes to them
Little Miss feeding them as well
The kiddos have asked a few times to go and see how the ducks are doing.  We keep saying that we will go visit once they get settled into their new home...

Until next time...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

County Fair Time

Last week was the Posey County Fair!  Dallas has been asking a lot lately about going to a tractor pull, so we were happy when we were able to take him and Reba to the pulls Saturday night.  Dallas kept wondering if there would be an Allis Chalmers in the pull (he had seen one at the Shelby County Fair while on his stay-cation with Pa and Gram).  Lucky for us...there was one at Posey County to cheer for! 
After the pulls finished, we decided to take a walk up to the rest of the fair.  Mind you, this was the last night of the fair, so the animals were already gone.  There were a few booths selling food, and of course, the "mid-way" was still in action.  Reba wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel, so she batted her eyes at her Daddy and what do you know...he bought tickets!

Dallas and Daddy riding together
Momma and Reba
Here's a shot looking out over the fairgrounds.  That's the demo derby pit.  It was the same night we were there, but they were done by 9 o'clock much like the tractor pulls!
A look out over the entire (yes, that's all of it) mid-way.
You can't go to the fair without taking in some fair food - Dallas loved the powder sugar from the funnel cake!
Reba loved the lemonade shake-up!
Until next time...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Glimpse into my Garden Galley

Here are some snapshots of what's been going on in (and out of) my kitchen lately...

The kiddos loved helping shuck the sweet corn

Even Charlie tried to help...
Ears of sweet corn are piling up...
waiting to be cut off the cob
Big Bertha and her apprentice, Stainless Steel Suzie
Tomatoes going through the Sauce Master
5 Quarts of Chili Base and 3 Quarts of Tomato Juice
10 pounds of cucumbers soaking in pickling lime...
...makes 7 Quarts of Dill Pickles! (that puts me up to 21 Quarts for the season thus far)
2 LARGE zucchinis shredded
My first 3 loaves of zucchini bread
I was able to make 4 more loaves from what remained of those 2 zucchinis! chickens need to start picking up their production rate so I can bake some more yummy-ness :)

Until next time...I'll be canning up some more goodness from my garden!