Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sleepy Boy

This is a fairly long video (almost 3 minutes) of Dallas fighting off sleep. He was playing in the play pen yesterday while I was working on the computer. He was trying to doze off and trying to stay sitting up. Kind of funny stuff...

Until next time...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Review

I hope everyone had a great weekend. At our home, the weekend involved much basketball watching! Of course, there isn't much else to do when you get 6 inches of snow! Yes, that's right...it started snowing on Saturday around noon, and did not stop until sometime after midnight. And...it is Iowa...so there was a lot of wind to go along with the snow. Therefore, there were some big drifts happening. Doug and I couldn't believe how much the snow accumulated, and how big some of the drifts were.

Saturday evening, our friends Gema and Agustine were in town, so we met them at another friend's house for dinner. It was late when we got home, so we decided to sleep in and go to Williamsburg for church (the mass there begins at 10 compared to the 8:30 mass in Belle Plaine). Anywho...we didn't make it to church because Doug got the truck stuck in a drift! Yep, he miss-judged how big the drift was, got half-way through, snow came up over the cab, and we were stuck. Luckily, we were very close to our neighbors' house (yes, we were only a half-mile from our own house) and he pulled us out.

The rest of Sunday was spent inside doing random projects and watching some March Madness. Sadly, Doug and I are finished with our bracket picks. I had Louisville winning the tournament, and Doug had Missouri winning.

I don't have many pictures to post, and unfortunately, the weather/internet is not allow me to upload pictures today. Maybe later...

Until next time...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday Presents and More...

Last night, I promised birthday present pictures...so I am keeping my word.

Thursday, I was cleaning the house before our visitors arrived. I put in a DVD for Dallas, sat him in his walker, gave him some snack and a drink, and I went about my business. After a while, I realized it was quite in the front room...and this is what I found.
Dallas opened his presents on Friday afternoon after Gram, Grandpa and Aunt Josie arrived. He had to touch each one first before deciding which one to tear into.
He chose the bag first...
Inside were plates, a fork and spoon, a big boy cup, a cup with a straw, bowls and ice packs from Aunt Josie. They all had a jungle theme to them.
It's a plate!
Dallas moved on to another present before finishing everything that was in the bag...we'll get back to those in a while.
Check out all the summer outfits from Gram and Grandpa! Dallas thought it was fun to toss them out of the box and make a pile behind himself.
Opening another gift from Gram and Grandpa
Dallas has his own porch rocker to match Mommy and Daddy's! Now, if he would only sit long enough to enjoy it. As you can see...he was much more interested in the clothes again.
The jungle cup with straw from Aunt Josie.
The jungle plates...
The big boy cup...he's trying to decide what you do with it...
Dallas eating breakfast with Gram and Grandpa.
On Saturday, we went to a toy show. It was at Heartland Acres in Independence, IA. Not only did they have the toy show, but they had a lot of hands-on activities for kids and a Big and Small Tails area (farm animals on display). Here's Dallas and Daddy enjoying the milk bench.
Heartland Acres is located in Buchanan County where there are many barn quilts on homesteads. This one is called 'pinwheel'.
The Longhorn on display.
The landmark glass silo.
Doug tried setting Dallas on the Hereford to get a picture, but Dallas wanted nothing to do with it.
He finally grabbed the halter, but he still wasn't too sure about it (and yes, that's a plastic steer).
After our morning at Heartland Acres, we came home to enjoy the sunshine! Gram and Grandpa brought this wagon with them...Dallas loved being pulled around the yard.
Dallas is so on the verge of walking. He loves to walk with you while you hold his hands. I think everyone got their fair share of walking in this weekend, including Aunt Josie and Gram.
Aunt Josie taking a ride with Dallas
Leave it to the guys to come up with a better solution that walking and pulling a wagon...
Dallas walking with Grandpa and Gram
After a full day outside playing, a certain little boy needed a bath.

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1 Year Old Stats

Dallas had his 1 year check up today! My little guy is growing very well. He tipped the scales today at 24 lb 7 oz, and stood a tall 31 inches. This puts him in the 85th and 75th percentile respectively. Of course, his head circumference is still in the 95th percentile at 20 inches. There is a lot of brains up there!

We have had a very busy weekend and start to our week. Friday, Doug had the day off from work...yea!, I got a hair cut, and Bob, Connie and Josie came for a visit. Dallas was of course spoiled with lots of presents for his 1st birthday (those pictures will come in another post). We went to a toy show on Saturday, and hung out at the house on Sunday. Bob and Josie left on Monday mid morning, and Connie left this morning (she is on Spring Break from the school this week, so she spent a few extra days spoiling Dallas). All-in-all it was a fabulous time.

In other news, Dallas has learned the joys of carpet farming. Doug showed him how to push the tractor around Thursday evening while I was off teaching my religious ed class. Dallas picked up the new trick very quickly, and it is ALL he wants to do these days. Here is a very short video of him farming...

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Taste of Spring

I've been doing some "Spring Cleaning" around the house trying to get things together for a garage sale. Therefore, there are some extra boxes in the kitchen, and Dallas decided to help sort through them!
When he realized I had the camera out, he want to play with it. When I wouldn't let him, this is what happened...
So, to get back in a happy mood...we went outside to play!
We had sunshine and warm temps all day. It was awesome!
I cleaned out some flower beds, and Dallas taste-tested a stick he found.
Notice his hat? Grandma and Grandpa R got that for him last summer. It has a Dorset sheep and says Triple R Dorsets!

Dallas then realized his puppies were out in the kennel, so he decided to go see them.
End of the sidewalk.
Made it to the shadow of the tree.
He finally stopped to look back once he got to the garage! (Go ahead...scroll back up to the first picture of him crawling away. That building on the left edge of the photo...that's the garage!)
Playing with Daddy when he got home from work.
Until next time...

Birthday Party

On Sunday, we met my family at the Machine Shed in Davenport for Dallas' birthday celebration!

He had to catch a nap on the way there.
Aunt Katie was trying to get her sunglasses back by giving Dallas a present. He wasn't interested in the present!
He finally opened the gift, a book from Grandma and Grandpa R...of course, he was more interested in the paper!
Deciding what to have for lunch.
Time for another present...but he wanted the book back!
A pair of swimming trunks from Aunt Lisa!
Liking the paper on Aunt Katie's gift.
A growth chart with Dallas' name on it!
The "birthday boy" was tired of sitting...so he stood to open the next gift.
PJ's from Grandma and Grandpa R.
The food's here!
What's this?
Why are these people here?
Blow out the candle, or try to grab the flame, which ever is your style!
More presents! Dallas loved the ribbon.
A cookie jar shape sorter from Grandma and Grandpa!
Last present...and it has more of this ribbon!
A wagon with sand toys from Aunt Lisa!
Trying to get Grandpa's toothpick!
Good-bye kisses from Grandma.
One more picture with the birthday boy!

Until next time...