Thursday, January 29, 2015

Reader's Theater

This week has been Catholic Schools Week, and the students have had a very fun filled week.  It started with a surprise field trip on Monday to a local movie theater.  Even the PreK was able to attend, so Dallas and Reba were able to watch Homeward Bound with all of their classmates/friends.  They loved the movie!  They have also had dress-up days, one of which was pajama day.  I happened to be working the Book Fair that day, so Julianne helped and came in her jammies!
Today was Grandparent's Day, and Pa and Gram were able to make it down for the day. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture...but I was able to attend Dallas' Reader's Theater program.  All the kiddos did an amazing job reading their lines.

The first group was all girls.  It was about Sue losing a tooth and what the tooth fairy might bring.
Dallas' group was second.  He played the role of the dad in "Hugo's Unicorn" (and by the was crazy sock day!)

I'm sad to admit, I forgot what the 3rd group's story was about, but they did a great job as well.
I always enjoy seeing what thinks are posted outside of Dallas' classroom...and there was quite of bit of his work on display today!  Here are a few of the many things...
"Snowflakes are unique and some am I.  I'm unique because I'm good at wrestling.  And I'm good at football.  I'm good at basketball.  And I'm good at baseball.  And I'm good at drawing.  And I'm good at coloring.  Dallas Bergman"
Writing words with the long o sound: "chose, cone, alone, home, drove, rose, Moses, rope, tone, phone, doe, rose, nose, close, clothes"
"Things I love: I love doing stuff at school.  I love playing Candyland.  I love making airplanes.  I love reading sports.  I love Dad and Mom.  I love eating strawberries and cherries."
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Monday, January 26, 2015

It Snowed!

We actually got a small amount of snow on the ground, so I bundled everyone up and we went outside to play!
Dallas and Reba found their sleds, and were trying to find a hill to go down, but they didn't have much luck.  Sugar just liked being able to walk around and go where ever she pleased.

They finally convinced Momma to pull them!
Julianne liked it for a little while, then she wanted to be able to walk on her own
The snow was really was more of little balls, and it was not good for trying to build a snowman or make a snow ball.  Maybe another time...
Until next time...

Sunday, January 25, 2015


While doing who knows what in the back of the house, I heard Julianne getting mad from the front room.  She was grunting, whining, yelling, etc...and I guess she had a good reason.
She had gotten herself stuck!  She has learned how to climb into the recliners by using the handles on the side as a step to get up and over the arm rests.  But today, someone left the chair reclined, and she found herself in a tight spot!

Thankfully, Julianne has a very loving and helpful sister...
...although Little Miss isn't quite strong enough to pick up her baby sis anymore, but Momma was there to help in the end.

Until next time...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Indoor Truck and Tractor Pulls

For Christmas, Aunt Lisa treated us to tickets to a truck and tractor pull.  Tonight was the big event!  The pulls were in Cloverdale, so we left around noon and met with Pa-paw, Ma-maw, and Aunt Lisa for an early supper.  Then, Ma-maw took Julianne and went to visit with my Aunt Joyce, and the rest of us went to the pulls.
Dallas loved watching each and every truck and tractor!

Little Miss...well, she enjoyed it for a while, and then she was interested in taking selfies :)

Thanks again for the fun night, Aunt Lisa!

Until next time...

Friday, January 23, 2015

New Adventures

Not sure if you remember my post from early December about the green egg layer we bought.  Anywho, in that post I mentioned how we also got an incubator and egg turner in the deal.  Well, we have been saving eggs for a few days now, and we finally have enough to try our hand at hatching chicks!  Dallas and Reba helped Daddy put the first "round" of eggs in this evening.
Yes, Dallas is excited about all of this...he just chooses to do the opposite of what I ask/want for pictures.

Reba was more than willing to put the bantam eggs in first!
Dallas requested to put the green eggs in the turner.
The turner holds 41 eggs.  We didn't quite fill it tonight, but we do plan on saving some more in the next few days and adding them later.
Wish us luck!

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Girls Gonna Have Fun

Today's weather was wonderful!  I couldn't wait to get the girls outside, and they were just as happy to get out and enjoy the fresh air too.  Only thing, Julianne had a little problem staying on her feet...

Until next time...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Julianne's Teeth

As you can imagine Julianne has been working on cutting some new teeth...she will drool for a week and then "dry" up, only for the drool to return again a few days later.
We have been amazed though at how they look!
Until next time...

p.s. sorry for the poor phone picture quality

Friday, January 16, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Little More Christmas

This past weekend, my mom and I were able to travel to Iowa to visit Aunt Katie and join her while shopping for a wedding dress.  Yes, you read that correctly - Aunt Katie and Uncle Brian are engaged!  We are so excited for them.  They have not set a date at this time, but they are looking at early June.  I'm sure I'll have more to add as the time draws closer.

Since Aunt Katie and Uncle Brian were not able to make it to Indiana for Christmas, I brought back the kiddos' gifts.  They couldn't wait to open them!

Dallas' new jammies - I know he doesn't "look" thrilled, but he does love them.
Reba got some fuzzy socks, which she could wait to try on!
Now, there is an excited face!  He has been asking for new snow boots, and these have a cool snowboarder design!
Reba and her matching jammies...
Julianne was napping when Big D and Little Miss opened their presents, so she joined in later...
Showing off her new hat, which also matches Reba's
They couldn't wait to all wear their new jammies!
Oh, and if you were wondering...yes, we were successful in the dress shopping.  We even found bridesmaid dresses, too!

Until next time...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Church Renovation

Our church started a HUGE renovation project this weekend.  One of the things about the renovation is that we are getting new pews.  In order to do something with the current pews, the parishioners were given the opportunity to purchase them through a silent auction.  After some discussion, Doug and I agree a pew would be a nice addition to our home decor.  Luckily, we were able to "win" one of the pews!  The kiddos helped Daddy pick it up from church last night and bring it in the house.
To begin the renovations, there was a little "destruction" work that needed to be done first.  Doug was able to go and help this morning, and he sent me a few pictures of what they did...

Neither of us had been in the balcony of the church, so he got a picture of the pipe organ!
Looking down from the balcony.  They lowered the large chandelier and covered it.
Removed all the stations
Removing the statue of the Holy Family
Taking out the carpet on the alter
They discovered this tile work down the main isle once the carpet was removed!
We figure it will be 7-8 months that it takes to complete the renovations, so until then, we are having Mass in the school gym.  Here's to hoping everything goes well!

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Silly Girl

Julianne was being her silly self today when she accidentally landed in the (old) ice cream bucket!
I don't think she was happy that I went to get the camera before helping her get out...

Her smile later returned while practicing her "hang ten" moves
Until next time...