Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 26

Sorry that I am a day late in posting this weeks baby/belly update.  Although, after taking this picture, I should have done it yesterday, when I was a little more presentable :)
Things are still going fairly smoothly.  I continue to have occasional swelling in my feet and ankles.  I also started to have some swelling in my fingers this week.  I went ahead and took off my wedding rings a few days ago.  They have been snug for the last two years, but I could still get them off somewhat easily.  Wednesday morning, it took me more than a couple minutes and a lot of cold water and soap to get them off.

In more exciting news, Doug was able to feel the baby move for the first time last night!  I had the kiddos try to feel the kicking, but it didn't work.  They continue to love to rub and hug on my belly, as well as talk to the baby.  Each of the kiddos make sure to tell the baby goodnight when heading off to bed, and they make sure to say bye-bye to the baby when I drop them off at school.

Doug and I continue to discuss names, but we haven't decided anything either way.  I think Dallas is still pulling for "Victor Oladipo Knock It Off Goofball"...

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cincinnati - Part 3

We returned to the ballpark on Wednesday, August 7, for our second game.  We were able to walk around a little more and get a few pictures before finding our seats.

A nice family picture with Johnny Bench
We had enjoyed lunch at a Frisch's Big Boy before the game, and then the kiddos were excited to see this Reds' Big Boy!
Presentation of the flag
The team during the National Anthem
Our seats were right by third base, and Dallas was super excited to see one of his favorite third baseman was playing that day - Todd Frazier
And...his favorite pitcher was starting! - Homer Bailey
Reba was just about asleep when she heard her favorite player was up to bat (Shin-Soo Choo), and all of a sudden, she was interested in the game again!
It wasn't much longer though before she did fall asleep...
Dallas did a little farming during the game...
Dallas and Daddy enjoying the game
Chapman was brought in for the save once again

Bringing the heat - 103 mph pitch!

Reds Win!!!
After the game, we decided to walk around the ballpark some more - we wanted to let the crowd and traffic filter down...

Momma and the kiddos along the Riverside
Reba spotted Joey Votto in the Fan Shop
Dallas chose to have his picture with Brandon Phillips
A few more pictures outside and around the ballpark

We stopped to taste the great Skyline Chili - Daddy went for the coneys and Skyline Fries.  They sure know how to pile on the cheese!
The kiddos' meals came with dessert (Oreos).  Little Miss just likes to lick the center and leave the cookie!
She also ended the trip much the same way she started it...
Until next time...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cincinnati - Part 2

As I mentioned in my last post, we had wanted to go see the Cincinnati Reds in action all summer.  Not only were we going to see a game, we were going to see two games!  The Oakland A's were in town for a two game series.  After finishing up at the Aquarium, we checked in at our hotel, and everyone laid down for a nap before heading to the ballpark for the evening game.
Daddy and Dallas walking into the ballpark
Dallas kept commenting on how big it was inside
Little Miss showing off her Joey Votto bobblehead that was the giveaway that evening
Watching Mr. Red, Gapper, and Rosie dancing before the game
A few of our favorite players (Jay Bruce - 32; Zack Cozart - 2; Jack Hannahan - 9)
Reba's favorite player up to bat - Shin-Soo Choo
Joey Votto's turn
One of Dallas' favorites - Brandon Phillips
Mat Latos was the starting pitcher that night
By the second inning, Reba's bobblehead had a fatality - Joey fell off the chair and broke his head...
Momma's favorite player - Zack Cozart
The kiddos spotted Mr. Redlegs, so we had to get our picture taken!
Mr. Red and Mr. Redleg having a little fun
The Cuban Missile (Aroldis Chapman) came in to close the game and save the win!
Reds Win!
Until next time...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cincinnati Vacation - Part 1

We loaded up bright and early on August 6th for our mini-vacation to Cincinnati, Ohio.  We had been wanting to take in a Reds baseball game all summer, and we finally had found the time to make the trip!

Little Miss fell asleep about half way there - apparently, we got her up too early!
The baseball game wasn't until the evening, so we decided to check out the Newport Aquarium.

A quick photo with Daddy on the river before seeing all the fish and sharks
There were many of these tunnels that you walked through where you surrounded by fish, stingrays, and sharks!  The kiddos loved it!

The aquarium has the largest collection of Shark Rays in the world.  They were such cool creatures.
I believe this fish was called a lion head...
Dallas really enjoyed seeing the alligators
 One of the Lorikeets in the Rainforest Exhibit
Both of the kiddos LOVED all the different frogs on display in the Amphibian area

The kiddos amazed in another tunnel
Two stingrays swimming over our heads
A few of the jellyfish we saw
A quick snapshot with Momma
More sharks

 I think this was photo was to represent the largest great white shark ever caught
Daddy was the first one brave enough to touch the sharks!
The kiddos were not interested in petting the sharks, so we moved on to the Penguin display

On our way back through to find the exit, Reba decided she wanted to touch the shark!
Dallas finally decided to seize the opportunity!
Until next time...