Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wedding Fun

After finishing cleaning up the mess we made at Pa and Gram's, we all got cleaned up and headed out to Matthew and Michelle's wedding!  (You might remember Matthew from a few different blog posts - he has hauled the Oliver for us a couple different times.)

The happy couple was married on the front porch of her parents' home - where her parents were also married!
The reception was in the machine shop there on the farm.  Reba LOVED the cake!
As did Julianne
Outside, they had this cute little photo "booth" area.  They also had many pedal tractors for the kiddos to enjoy.  There were corn hole boards set up, too.
The father/daughter dance.
Aunt Lisa and Reba tried to catch the bouquet.
Pa-paw enjoyed a dance or two
Reba and Dallas then got warmed up, and they tore up the dance floor!

Here's a little video of them dancing...

Thanks again for inviting us to celebrate in your special day.  May the Lord bless you with many happy years together.

Until next time...

Saturday, August 30, 2014


We started our Labor Day weekend with a bit of work...helping Pa and Gram cut down a couple trees.  The first one up was Gram's Rose of Sharon bush.  Unfortunately, the last couple of dry summers had taken their toll on the bush. 
With a swipe of the chainsaw, it was gone.
Thankfully, we had someone willing to drive the lawnmower and pull all the limbs back to the brush pile!
The next tree was one of Gram's Brandford Pear trees.  A section of it got taken out in a storm this spring/summer.  They thought it best to take the rest of it down before another storm did more damage.
Daddy getting to work
Almost done
Thankfully, it all came down as planned!
Little Miss was left with a perfect place to sit and watch everyone else work
Until next time...

Friday, August 29, 2014


Julianne has worked very hard this past month on getting her top teeth.  I don't really know what day the front right one came through, but the second to the left popped through on July 29th...
On August 9th, the front left tooth showed itself
And, after taking her to the doctor on August 20th because I suspected an ear infection...the second to the right tooth broke through on the 21st.
We're still waiting on the 3rd and 4th bottom teeth.  Julianne continues to drool like crazy, and she has a very runny nose.  It makes me think it won't be too much longer...

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kentucky State Fair 2014

On Friday afternoon, we packed the van, picked Dallas up from school, and made the trip to Louisville for the Kentucky State Fair!  The older kiddos were *almost* more excited about staying in a hotel with a swimming pool, than going to show the sheep; therefore, I dropped them and Daddy off at the hotel and took Julianne to the fair to help Aunt Lisa finish trimming the sheep.

Julianne occupied herself while Aunt Lisa, Pa-paw and I worked
The Dorset show started Saturday morning at 8 a.m.  The great thing about a state level show is there are more classes (fall lambs, winter lambs, spring lambs, etc); therefore, we didn't have to show in the same class with Pa-paw and Aunt Lisa - except for the pairs class.

Little Miss dressed and ready!
How many orange shirts does it take to show a ram?
Dallas pocketing the red ribbon (they are his favorite)

With Buster placing second in his class, he had to go back for the Senior Champion drive...we almost forget two sets of hands!

Our yearling ewes
It was a large class and someone got tired...
Dallas decided he wanted to be on the head while showing Sparkler
Little Miss was winking at the judge!

Sparkler was being a little onery, so Dallas knocked her on the head...wonder where he has seen that?
Our pair of ewe lambs - Sparkler and Rachael

Mountain Man Farms - flock class
After the show, someone crashed
While another one played
Sunday was a very relaxed day at the fair, so the kiddos were able to have some fun playing with the trim stand
Until next time...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Peach Pie

I made my second peach pie today with peaches from our trees!  The first pie was made with white peaches, and today's pie was made using yellow peaches.
I didn't get my crusts sealed too well, so there was some boil-over action going on, so it's a good thing I'm not being judged on appearance/presentation!

Julianne was sitting with Daddy while we were enjoying our evening treat.  She was watching him so intently, but when I snapped the camera, she gave me this face!
Back to watching Daddy
Daddy finally decided he would share, but I think Julianne had second thoughts!
Until next time...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Who's There?

This afternoon, Julianne had been happily playing in the dining room with my box of canning rings, when all of a sudden, I no longer heard them being shuffled.  I peeked in on her, and found her like this...
I asked what she was looking for, and she just kind of smiled
A couple seconds later, I realized who she was looking for!
Daddy had been mowing the backyard and was waving to her as he would pass the patio doors.
Until next time...