Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun Friday Fotos - Warrick County Fair

After the ultrasound and monthly baby doctor appointment, we all headed over to the Warrick County Fair.  We had never been, and we were just curious to check it out.  Of course, wouldn't you know, we picked the hottest day of the summer (thus far) to go!  Doug was also interested in watching the poultry judging that was that afternoon.  I believe the gears are turning for when the kiddos get to be of 4-H age!

We headed to the poultry and rabbit area first.  In the corner of the barn were a couple of turkeys, one being a big tom.  The owner was kind enough to get out "Big Tom" for the kiddos to pet.  The young man informed us that he raised the pair since they were a few days old (they are now 5 years old), and that "Big Tom" was very gentle and would follow him around like a puppy!  Dallas loved it - Reba watched from a distance.
After looking at a few chickens, we decided we needed a drink.  Lemonade Shake-ups sure hit the spot on a hot afternoon!
Off to see the rabbits
We then continued through the rest of the livestock.  This young lady was giving her calf, "Molly" a drink as we passed by, and she asked if the kiddos would like to pet her.

Of course, they loved the goats!

We found it interesting to see this wooly one at the fair...
Another goat (that the kiddos found silly because it was sitting like a dog)
We ended our afternoon at the fair with some homemade ice cream and strawberries
Until next time...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week 20

I thought I should update you all on Baby B's progress.  Today marks the start of week 20, which means we are half way through the pregnancy.  For the inquiring is the bump!
This past Tuesday, we were blessed to be able to "see" the baby!  I had a routine 20 week ultrasound to check on baby's progress and take measurements.  We also did NOT find out the gender of the baby - remember we like the surprise.
The baby measured in at 12 oz (not even a pound, but somehow I have gained 5...)  We also heard a strong heart beat at 152 beats/min.  The kiddos did great during the ultrasound pointing out the nose and head and feet.  At one point, Dallas was convinced he could see the baby's teeth moving and proudly stated the baby was eating!  We explained that the tech was zoomed in on the baby's heart and he was seeing it beating.

Here are a few more pictures we were able to bring home of Baby B

The baby had its legs didn't want to reveal either!
Look at the tiny baby feet!
A different few, the baby all curled up - you can clearly see the spine in this one.
I also had my monthly visit with the doctor, and she was pleased with the baby's progress and said everything looked great.  She answered a few questions for me, including the issue with my blood type.  I have always been typed as O+, but this pregnancy prenatal blood work came back with a blood type of O-.  They (the doctors and blood lab) believe that I have a weak D antigen.  Basically, if a person has the D antigen on their red cell surface, they are a positive blood type.  If there is no D antigen present on the red cell surface, they are a negative blood type.  Mothers who are "weak D" are considered positive and do not need the treatments for prevent hemolytic disease (HDFN) in babies.  Mothers can also be "partial D" meaning one or more parts of the D antigen is missing.  These mothers are considered as a negative blood type and should be treated for HDFN.  I had another blood draw done on Tuesday for the lab to double check that I have a weak D antigen and not a partial.  You can read more about HDFN here.

OK...that was a lot of technical last picture though.  A comparison of all three of my pregnancies at 20 weeks!
Until next time...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tractor Pulls at the Posey County Fair

On Friday evening, we headed back to the Posey County Fair for the antique tractor pulls.  They had a great turn out, the kiddos loved watching and picking out their favorites.

Dallas spotted this Ollie as soon as we arrived
He also liked the side shields on this Oliver
This Allis was somewhat similar to ours - just painted a little differently
Another Oliver making her way down the track
Reba liked this one - it might have had something to do with the lady driving...
Then, Little Miss spotted this purple Moline, and fell in love
When Doug and I spotted this Oliver from a distance, we thought it was primed and ready for a new coat of paint.  We later learned, it was painted and called the "Grey Ghost".
Dallas found this tractor interesting with the single wheel up front
Daddy and Dallas taking in the pulls
Right before we left, we were finally able to see that purple Moline hook up.  Little Miss stood up and cheered it on down the track!
We returned to the fair on Saturday night as well (yep, that makes a total of 5 trips to the fair last week) to watch the super-stock tractors and diesel trucks, but I did not take my camera.

Until next time...we still have a few more fairs to attend!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gibson County Fair

On Thursday of last week, we all decided to head up to the Gibson County Fair.  It is a really nice fair, with lots to see and a lot to eat!  We were really lucky and the weather was amazing for mid-July!

Reba thought it was pretty funny that she could hide in between the tires
One of the first animals we saw in the livestock barn were these Horned Dorsets!
As we made our way back to the tractors and implements, Dallas fell in love with this Kubota.
Then Reba found this pink John Deere and fell in love!  
Dallas spotted the huge Kinze grain cart, and he couldn't wait to make his way over to it and climb up.
As we were trying to find the horses, Daddy spotted this Oliver off in the distance (it wasn't with the other antiques for some reason).  Reba loved how she could sit in the back wheels.
Then big brother wanted his picture - blocking out little sister, of course.
We finally found the horses, and the kiddos couldn't stop laughing at this painted one.
We ended our night by grabbing a funnel cake and heading over to the grand stands to watch some of the quad races.
Until next time...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Posey County Fair

Last week was our local county fair.  We have been previously, but it has been on the last night when the truck and tractor pulls were going - and all the animals were gone.  We all went on Monday night because the county farm bureau was serving a dinner, and our friends, Matt and Carla, convinced us to go :)

I took the kiddos back on Wednesday morning to watch the sheep show.  As we walked through the barn on Monday night, it looked as though there were close to 100 head of sheep (mostly market lambs, but a few breeding stock).  Anywho...this was the only ewe fitted for the show - kind of reminded me where I started :)
All but one of the breed champions ready for the Grand Drive (l-r: {out of the picture was the natural colored ewe lamb}, cross breed ewe lamb, hamp ewe lamb, shrop ewe lamb, suffolk ewe lamb, southdown yearling ewe, montidale yearling ewe)
Here is the natural colored ewe - she ended up winning Grand Champion Ewe
After the breeding show was done, the kiddos and I made our way over to the rabbit and poultry barn.  (Their barn was already closed up when we were walking around on Monday night).  This young lady offered to get her mini lop rabbit out for the kiddos to pet.  I love when 4-H'ers do that!

We then made our way to the horse arena and watched the trail ride class, but then Momma needed to find some shade!

Reba enjoying the shade while getting something to drink
Dallas being silly for the camera
After we were cooled off, it was back to look at the goats!

and the cows

and lastly, the tractors before heading home

Until next time...