Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Because...

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Catching Some Z's

Reba loves the jump swing...as you can tell, she just wears herself out!
This little girl has learned to sleep through anything...including having a box of diapers dumped on her!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Garage Sales - Here I Come!

Today started the Williamsburg City Wide Garage Sales. I packed up the kids and headed into town this morning and stayed until mid-afternoon. We stopped at more than a dozen places, and came home with a lot of loot! (probably too much)

Here are the clothes I picked up for Reba (ranging in sizes from 3 month to 18 month)
The clothes I picked up for Dallas
And my big find/small price items The firetruck on top of the file cabinet was Dallas' reward for being sooooo incredibly good today! I had Reba in the stroller, therefore, Dallas had to walk at the stops. He always stayed right by me, and he didn't touch any of the things on the tables! He did pick up one toy at the last stop we made, but I convinced him of the fire truck instead. :)
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This and That

My tulips have been in bloom for about a week now. I just hope the ones in Pella are a little farther behind so we can enjoy them in a couple of weeks...
Dallas took a tractor ride with Daddy the other night. It was rather breezy...Dallas was afraid he was going to loose his hat - even after the ride was over!
Pile on! Daddy was entertaining while I was making supper one evening.
What was for supper? Steaks on the grill...yum-o! (that's a t-bone he was gnawing on)
Last night, Dallas wanted to hold Reba...he even asked for the toy for her
kisses, kisses
This morning, Dallas helped me in the garden. He wore those gloves the entire time, but as soon as I got the camera, he took them off!
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Reba ~ 5 months old

I did not forget that Reba turned 5 months old on Saturday, I just simply forgot to put it on the blog! Our little girl is growing very quickly. Here are some random thoughts/likes about Reba:
  • She is just over 15 lbs now.
  • She is a pro at rolling (both back to tummy and tummy to back).
  • I hate to say it, but I think she will be an early crawler as well. She is already trying to pull her legs up under her and push forward! I'm sure it helps to have Dallas around. I can see it in her eyes that she just wants to chase after him.
  • She loves to hold onto my finger while nursing.
  • She has the best belly laugh when Daddy tickles her.
  • She really enjoys her jump swing and walker.
  • She is down to 2 big naps and one small nap a day.
  • She likes to chew on the tractors.
  • If she doesn't like the way you are telling a story, she will "talk" louder than you to tell what really happened.
  • She enjoys being outside in the sunshine.
  • Her hair is beginning to fill back in on the back of her head.
  • Everything goes to her mouth!
  • She is a drooler just like her brother *sigh*

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

DIY Project #??

Well, I have lost count of what project number we are on...but here is our latest success story!

Out with the old...
In with the new...
Yesterday, Doug and I tackled installing the new dishwasher. It has been sitting in the middle of the kitchen since the week before Easter, but we wanted to wait for the rural water hook up to be completed before installing and running the new dishwasher - no need to run the yucky, rusty well water through a new white machine!

After making a run to the hardware store to pick up some supplies, we were able to start and complete the project in one day! Last night I even did a load of dishes that had been sitting on the counter top (unrinsed) for about a day - got to give it a good test run.

The result: beautiful, sparkling dishes this morning!

As Doug said this morning: "I call that a success! Here's why: 1. We did it in one day. 2. Everything worked! 3. No leaks. and 4. We didn't have to return any extra parts." (the last few DIY projects we have bought multiple parts because we were unsure of exact sizes, lengths, etc. were needed; therefore, having to return the unused/non-needed items in the end)

Until next time...
I'll be enjoying the sunshine and not standing at the sink doing dishes :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun Friday Fotos (and videos)

Our Rural Water is completely installed and running! Dallas stood at the window the entire time they plumbed the line into the house (about 2 hours)
Shhh...don't tell Dallas, but Reba likes to play with the tractors while Dallas is napping, sleeping, or just plain not looking!

On Wednesday this week, our temps were well into the 80's. Reba loved being in the sunshine
Here are a few videos for you...no need to go to the movie theater when you can watch great flicks like these at home!
Dallas and the Great Egg Hunt - Part I

Dallas and the Easter Eggs - Part II

Gator Driver

Roller Girl

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Weekend

Needless to say, these little ones were excited about going to see their grandparents.
Once we arrived at Gram and Grandpa Bergman's, Dallas wanted to take a tractor ride on "paw's" tractor (that just happened to be outside) Dallas even did a little driving on his own Reba finally got comfortable in Aunt Josie's arms and fell asleep. If you remember, the weather was awesome that night - we sat out on the deck, watched Dallas drive all the tractors, and even ate some ice cream!

Saturday was spent at Aunt Pat's house enjoying all the great food and desserts. Dallas thought it was fun to play in the dog cage. There was one point when both Dallas and Daisy were in there at the same time, but I didn't get my camera out in time. Great Aunt Pat also finished Reba's quilt, so we were able to enjoy it and bring it home with us. Thanks again Aunt Pat ~ it is beautiful! Of course, Easter wouldn't be complete without an egg hunt! Dallas really got into hunting the eggs. He picked up very quickly what was to be done. Thanks again to Great Aunt Carol and Gram for making up the eggs for the kiddos. Even better than hunting the eggs was eating the treats inside the eggs! Saturday late afternoon, we headed over to Grandpa and Grandma Robertson's. This was the only nap Dallas caught that day (about 20 minutes) The Easter bunny had already left goodies at Grandpa and Grandma Robertson's! Dallas and his new shades Dallas and Reba also got some new outfits from Aunt Lisa. Here's Dallas admiring his new Thomas and Friends shirt When Dallas was at Grandpa and Grandma's for spring break, he took a real liking to Grandma's cat, Snowball. He now wants to hold the cat (one of the few things he will actually sit still for)!
Reba and Grandma Sunday started with Church with Gram and Grandpa Bergman. Then we made a quick stop back at their house to see what the Easter bunny had left there! We then headed down to Madison, IN, to spend the day at my cousin's house - Thanks Luke and Kathleen for hosting us!

Dallas decided to do a little garden work for Kathleen.
This was the best shot we were able to get of Austin and Dallas - as most of you know, it is pretty difficult to get an 18-month and a 2 year-old to look at the same time!I thought this was a cute one of George Martin and Reba
Austin was very interested in Reba's nose! He was also practicing on his big brother skills as he will be getting a new sister or brother this fall!
Then came Monday, and we packed everything up and headed west. The weather was fairly decent until we got to Williamsburg. Then, this stuff started falling from the sky!
Luckily, it didn't last very long, and we were almost home.

There you have it. That's our Easter wrap-up. I do have a few videos that I will try to post from then as well...

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Weekend

I promise I have not forgotten about my Easter pictures. I will get to them soon. We had such a wonderful weekend, that I have to blog about it first. The weather was awesome, so we spent most of our time outside - much like the farmers who rent the ground around our house...
Doug might have called them "show-offs", but both him and Dallas loved watching them apply the anhydrous.
Reba and I did go shopping Saturday morning. Doug called me crazy for taking these pictures and posting them, but I was just too proud of my "steals!"

The best deal of the day was at Target. Here is what I bought...any guess as to how much I spent out of pocket? (HINT: full retail price would be around $50)
$30 - no, lower
$25 - no, lower
$20 - no, lower
$15 - no, lower!

Alright, I'll tell you - $13.05!!!

My other great stop was at CVS. Here's what I bought...any guess as to what my out of pocket expense was there? (HINT: full retail price would be around $125)
$100 - no, lower
$75 - no, lower
$50 - close


Got to love coupons and great sales!!!

On Sunday, we decided to plant some garden. Reba did what she does best in the stroller...
Dallas started out playing on the lawn mower...
Then, he wanted to help put out the flags...
Then, he wanted to help dig (even though there wasn't a need to dig)
Here's how the garden looks so far. On the left hand side of the garden is the strawberry and raspberry patches. Then the flags mark where we planted green onions, carrots, broccoli, spinach, leaf lettuce, beets, radishes and kohlrabi.

The raspberries have really taken off this past week (I hoping to get enough to try my hand at raspberry jam)
In other news, I took the kids to the doctor today. I don't understand how we went all winter being healthy, and now that it is nice out, we are ALL icky. Over the weekend, Dallas' snot went from clear to a shade of green (lovely, I know), and he didn't want us touching his ears when applying sunscreen or taking a bath. Reba, on the other hand, still has a cough and runny nose (clear), not any worse than before but not any better either.

So the verdict:

Dallas - after screaming while I tried to put him on the scales and then falling asleep in my arms while waiting on the doctor to come examine the kiddos - has an ear infection. This is his first one EVER! I guess I should feel pretty lucky that he made it to 2 years and 1 month, but still not fun.

Reba - has a cold. The cough is from all the icky stuff running down her throat. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about it besides wait it out.

So...say a little prayer that these two get to feeling better very quickly.

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