Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 28

I hope you didn't think I would go two weeks in a row without giving you a belly update!
Sorry, I turned more away from the camera this week...I guess you get more of a "rear" shot this time! As you might guessed, I have moved up to wearing Doug's t-shirts this week! Mine were getting to be too tight in the mid-section, thus causing them to be too short. Yes, I have maternity tops, but I refuse to wear my good shirts for just around the house - especially when I can be in a comfy t-shirt and lounge pants.
Things are still going great. I am very thankful to feel so well during pregnancy. I try to not take it for granted because I know there are others that are sick the entire time, drained of every ounce of energy, and experience major mood swings.

As for "what's happening with me this week" - here's what one book says: "You're getting larger [check], and as you grow larger, you become more uncomfortable [check]. Your legs may ache or cramp [check], it's hard to get a good sleeping position [check], and the baby is big enough to give you some sharp kicks to the ribs [check]!"
Until next time...

The BiG, eNoRmOuS, gArGaNtUaN, hUgE, jUmBo, MaMmOtH, oVeRsIzEd, SuPeR, tReMeNdOuS, wHoPpInG Post

No fear...we are still here!

It has been a very busy week and a half for the Bergman household. We were on a vacation of sorts last week (the 16th - 23rd). My parents and sister, Lisa, came out for a visit and brought these along with them...Yep, it was the Iowa State Fair time. They loaded up the flock of 12 on Sunday the 16th and made the trip west.

High-five, Grandpa!
Dallas loved spending time in the barn with us and the animals.
On Tuesday the 18th, we were able to take the sheep to the fair. My other sister, Katie, met up with us there. After getting the sheep bedded down, it was time to find something for dinner. After a confusing bout with directions...we finally found Buffalo Wild Wings. Dallas loved it!
Wednesday the 19th was the show. Yep, that's me the preggers out there helping show!
What did Dallas think of the show...
Yep, it was during his nap time.

Dallas and Daddy taking a break after the show was finished.
We took his tractor along with provided lots of entertainment for the little guy - along with a few new bumps and bruises.
The weather was awesome for the fair - in the mid 70's and low humidity...but Dallas still thought he needed to cool off after the show.

What a great facial expression - I think someone just splashed the water up in his face.The child was soaked head to toe!
Resting up for day two of the fair!.I was going to delete this picture at first, but then I realized that I could use it as my week 27 picture! Sorry I didn't get to it last week.
The famous Iowa State Fair Butter CowThis year's extra butter sculpture - Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon.
Do you remember watching it on TV? Did you have this much butter with your popcorn?
We came across this exhibit - "How Tall at This Fair?" Dallas was standing in front of it...until we got out the cameras.
Grandma's grand prize winner!
There was an animal learning center that had many different baby animals on display, including these baby ostriches. Checking out the baby ducks with Grandpa and Grandma
Take a second's made out of wood!
The wood carver demonstration.It's always a good time when there is a tractor involved!
Sharing a lemonade shake-up with Daddy.
We loaded up the sheep on Thursday early evening and headed back to our house. Mom, Dad and Lisa stayed until Sunday. I put Dad to work on a "little" remodeling project, and Lisa and Mom kept Dallas entertained!
My "little" remodeling project is my one and only bathroom. We are still in the process of working on it, so I can't show pictures yet...well, here's a sneak peak
Dallas was quite the helper - fetching tools and what not.
Well, that was our vacation in a nut shell! Again, sorry for my long absence. I will try and do better.

In other news, this week I have been doing lots of canning - trying to catch up from my vacation. One day I did 14 quarts of green beans; another day, I did 6 quarts of chili base and 5 quarts of salsa; and today, I did 7 quarts of beef stew with veggies.

I also harvested some of my celery from the garden today. We gave Dallas a piece to see if he would try it (he kept spitting it out of Buffalo Wild Wings the other night). This time...success!
There is just something about homegrown being much tastier!

Until next time...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Horse Ride

We went on a tractor ride tonight, and saw our neighbors were out on the horses so we stopped. They offered Dallas a ride! We first tried putting Dallas on the horse with Mickala, but he didn't like Doug got on and rode too.
Thankfully, Craig got the camera out to capture Dallas' first horse ride!
Thanks again Craig, Kathy and Mickala for the horse ride and pictures!
Until next time...

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Little Catching Up

Last week and weekend, our friends Gema and Agustine were in town from St. Louis. We were so glad that we were able to spend lots of time with them. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures with them. But...Gema brought Dallas a present, and I was able to capture it!
A tractor book!
The perfect present for our little boy...he loved it!
Sitting at the kitchen table (again, in a big person chair) reading his book.
A small video of Dallas "reading" and playing with his book.
Doug decided to open a jar of the dill pickles I made last week. Apparently, they were pretty tasty...
Dallas shoved the whole thing in his mouth!
Dallas found our old house phones while playing upstairs a while back. He loves to sit and "talk" on the phone!

Until next time...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pregnancy, Food, and Big D

Instead of three different posts, I am combining them into one.

Topic #1 - Pregnancy
I'm 26 weeks today! Sorry for the blurriness of the belly pic - the sun was at just the right angle to make it that way.
Not only, have I reached 26 weeks, but the count down until due date went under 100 days this week! Not much else is new in the preggo department other than Baby Gertie is a very active one. I sometimes think s/he is more active than the toddler I have running around the house! Doug has been able to feel some pretty good kicks from Gertie as well. Maybe one day, Dallas will hold still long enough to feel the baby move as well.
Topic #2 - Food!
Last night, we had a home-raised, home-made meal.
I made ka-bobs using lamb meat from one of my parents' sheep, along with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers grown in our garden! The sweet corn came from the patch Doug's group has at work. All-in-all, it was delicious (and cheap)!
Last, but not least
Topic #3 - Big D
Dallas turned 17 months old this past Tuesday. I am trying to refer to him as a toddler, but it is difficult not to call him a baby. I'm sure you other mom's out there are shaking your heads in agreement.

Dallas' newest trick - climbing up on the kitchen chairs. He looked like such a big boy last night drinking his milk in a big person seat (even if I couldn't get him to smile).
Until next time...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photo Journal - Part IV

The last of the pictures supplied by the grandparents from Dallas' vacation.

Dallas riding the famous cow outside the local Dairy Queen.
Look at all those tractors the kid has to play do you decide?
Farming every available space.
Ahh...thirst quencher - nothing beats a caprisun!
Taking a walk with Grandpa Bergman
Playing with Grandpa B's wind-up tractor toy.
Did Grandpa B make Dallas push when he ran out of gas?!?!
Nope, the boy just likes to push things!
Sporting a ball cap like Grandpa B
Dallas rockin' the Oliver hat!
Until next time...