Monday, December 14, 2009

Promised Pictures

I am still without a computer, but thankfully, I am able to update using Doug's once again. (He's a great guy like that) As I mentioned in my last post, I got some new photos of Reba. Enjoy!
I took Reba for her 2 week check-up this past Friday. She weighed in at 9 lb 3 oz, and she was 22 inches long! Needless to say, she is growing very well! Doug and I can definitely tell she is growing (besides the fact that she has outgrown all the newborn outfits)...her little face and legs are filling out, and her tummy is becoming very round. Although, when we put her next to Dallas...she is still a very tiny little girl.
Sweet angel face...
Reba has received many wonderful gifts from our friends and family, and those same people have been generous enough to give Dallas something as well. Here are a few pictures of Dallas opening one of those gifts...
A new combine!
It's now the favorite toy!
Over the weekend, we went to a Christmas tree farm. We had heard that it was a neat place to walk around and that they had reindeer. Well, we heard wrong...this was pretty much the highlight of the farm...
It was fairly warm here this weekend, so Doug and Dallas played out in the snow. Doug has a little different method than mine for pulling the sled.
Until next time...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You're in Luck

Doug brought his computer home from work, and I was able to upload photos from my camera! Lucky you!

First off, we are alive and OK. We have received about a foot of snow in the last couple days. In addition to the snow, we are getting very strong winds (gusts up to 50 mph); therefore, we are currently under a blizzard warning. We did see the road maintainer go by earlier today...which really surprised us because the snow is still drifting. Doug didn't go to work today because the state is pretty much shut down...he's hoping to be able to make it tomorrow...drifts depending.

OK...enough talk...onto some pictures.

Last Tuesday, Dec. 1, we had a couple bald eagles hanging out in a corn field close to our house. Doug saw them on his way to work, I saw them on my way into town and on my home from town, and Doug saw them again when he came home for lunch. I tried my best to get some pictures...but this was the best I did.
A picture of the kiddos with Dad - I couldn't believe I got one with everybodies eyes open!
Yesterday, the 8th, I took Dallas out to play in the snow. It was a little chilly (about 18 degrees above), but the winds weren't bad at all. Of course, it took me about 15-20 minutes to get Dallas wrapped up as well as myself. Reba decided to stay in the house and nap while we played.
This was right before Dallas fell face first in the snow ~ about 5 feet from the back door!
He loved being pulled in the sled.
An attempt at a self portrait.
While being pulled, Dallas kept putting his hand over the side and dragging it in the snow.
Somehow, he got pretty snow-covered!
I will try to get some new pictures of Reba and put up here soon. She has grown and changed since the last pictures I posted. Last Friday, she was up to 8 lb 8 oz and 20.5 inches...about the size Dallas was when he was born!
Until next time...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Going to be out of Commission

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be unable to blog for a couple weeks starting this evening. We are sending our computer in to be worked on...once again. We are having the keyboard replaced and (hopefully) the mouse pad fixed. We are doing it now because our service plan/warranty is about to expire.

Until next time...

Happy Holidays!

Playing Catch Up

Doug, Dallas, Reba, Charlie, Fred and I all headed to Indiana last Wednesday for our Thanksgiving vaca. We had such a wonderful trip - spending lots of time with family and enjoying some delicious food. Here are a few pictures from our trip. I'm sorry for having forgot my camera during the Rosenfeld dinner.

Reba after getting a bath. Grandma loves her grandbabies

Dallas and his 2nd cousin Sariah (there is about 9 months difference between them)
GG and her great-grandbabies
Dallas loved playing in Grandma's wheelchair
Dallas is learning lots of animal sounds...his current favorite happens to be a cat!
Taking a tractor ride with Grandpa
Reba posing for a photo
The Robertson girls
Great-Grandpa and his newest great-grandbabies!
Our first attempt at a picture of these future Boilers
This one was much better! L-R: Reba (2 weeks), George Martin (11 weeks), and Autumn (8 weeks)
My crew made it back home about midnight Monday morning. Thankfully, the kiddos slept a great deal of the way home. Monday afternoon I had to meet Katie to get some things we had left. Dallas crashed in the recliner just before leaving!
Monday evening Dallas was trying to pick Reba up, so Daddy helped Dallas "hold" his little sister.
Until next time...