Wednesday, February 26, 2014

89th Birthday Party

My Grandpa Robertson (also referred to as Great-Grandpa in our house) turned 89 this past Sunday, so on Saturday many of the Robertson Family gathered at Gasthof Amish Village for the celebration and dinner.  It is Great-Grandpa's favorite place to go, and we enjoy it because there is a large banquet room for us to use that gives us the space to move about once we are done eating.

It didn't take the great-grandkids long to finish eating and dig out the toys.  Yep, that's Aunt Katie in the mix; they all love it when she makes a surprise visit back to play!
Our numbers have increased since the first time we went to Gasthof's in 2011!  
These 4 were the only great-grandkids in attendance in 2011.  This year there were 11 greats!
That's the birthday boy in the front with 3 of his children 
L-R: Uncle Joe, my dad, and Uncle John
The grandkids (10 of the 15) with the birthday boy
L-R: Craig, Kathleen, Brice, Lisa, Jerry, Katie, Trace, Me, Brooke and Dori 
Great-Grandpa meeting his newest great-grandbaby, Julianne (#21)
This was the best picture I got of Great-Grandpa and half of his great-grandkids! (plus a few extras to hold the babies)
After the party, Pa-paw, Ma-maw, Aunt Lisa and Aunt Katie followed us home to spend the rest of the weekend at our house.  Little Julianne got just a little bit of loving and cuddles...

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy Hair

Before Christmas break, Dallas' kindergarten class made their own Happy Hair people while they learned about the letter H. Thankfully, the teacher took them home and kept them watered so after the holidays the "hair" was growing!  The kiddos were able to bring home their Happy Hair in early February.
The teacher told them they could even give Happy Hair a haircut!  So the next morning before going to school, Dallas had to give the little plant a trim.

I forgot to take an "after" picture, but I'm sure it won't be long before Happy Hair needs another trimming!

Until next time...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Reba Singing

Reba's preschool class performed a song for the staff in the office at her school last Thursday.  Just had to share!  You'll see Reba in the lower right hand corner.

And since I'm sharing a video of Reba singing, here's another one for you.  This was taken while waiting in the pick up line to get Dallas from school.
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Julianne - 2 months

Way back on February 6th, our baby girl turned 2 months old!  I took her to the doctor for her check-up and first round of immunizations.  But first, look at how much she has changed in just a short month's time...

Our baby girl is now weighing in at 13 lbs 8.5 oz (70th percentile) and has grown 2.75 inches since birth.  That makes her "standing" tall at 23.75 inches (85th percentile).  Her brain is developing quite well too, as it has reached a circumference of 15.75 inches (84th percentile)!

Here is a list of what I can remember Julianne doing at the 2 month mark:
Sat in the Bumbo chair for the first time

Lots of smiles!
Wiggles constantly
Julianne is still swaddled at night because she wiggles so much that she hits herself and wakes up!
Sleeps from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. consistently
Starting to drool
Beginning to coo
Gave up the bedtime bottle because the bowel movements became more regular
Rolled from belly to back on two different days (2 times each day)

Still wearing size 1 diapers
Still wearing 0-3 month clothes

And, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, Julianne got her first big round of immunizations.  She had one oral vaccine and 3 injections.  It seemed that she spit out about half of the oral vaccine, and she SCREAMED when she got the shots.  If you have been around her much, you know that she doesn't really cry much; therefore, I think that was the most noise I have heard come her little self!  By the time I got her dressed and walked to the check out station, Julianne was all smiles again.
She was then asleep before I pulled out of the parking lot, and she slept a good part of the day.  After she finished eating at 4 yesterday afternoon, she was quite grumpy, so I gave her a little Tylenol.  That helped a lot, and it gave Momma some extra cuddle time.
Until next time...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Visiting with Friends

The first weekend of February, we headed up to visit with Pa-paw and Ma-maw, and we wanted to go visit our good friends, Dave and Pam and girls.  The kiddos were a little shy when we first arrived, but they quickly warmed up once the toys came out.  Madeline brought out her "Hungry, Hungry Hippo" game after supper, and all the kiddos loved it!
Luckily, the kiddos were cooperative at the end of the night to get a photo together!
L-R: Gracie (21 months), Reba (4 yr 3 mo), Madeline (3 yr 9 mo), Dallas (5 yr 11 mo), & Julianne (2 months)
We left Pa-paw and Ma-maw's house on Sunday early afternoon so we could be home in time for the Super Bowl.  Needless to say, Dallas and Reba were a little worn out from the weekend!

And for a fun look-back...Madeline and Reba "through the years"...
June 2010
September 2010
October 2011
February 2014 (yes, I flipped this one so they were on the same sides as the other photos)
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making of a Smile

Julianne has been giving us lots and lots of smiles lately.  These pictures are from mid-January when she first started the smiling...

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Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Grandparent/Special Persons Day

During Catholic Schools Week (Jan 26 - Feb 1), Reba, Julianne, and I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Dallas at school on Grandparents/Special Persons Day.  After lunch, we were able to spend time at the book fair, touring the school, visiting the classrooms, and play games before a special Mass to end the day.  As Dallas was taking us on a "tour of the school", I was able to see a lot of his recent art work hanging on the walls.  Enjoy!

Each kindergartner completed the sentence, "Kindergarten is..."
The teacher traced their silhouette (which, I love because my mom still has mine from Kindergarten framed and hanging up at her house!).  The kiddos also drew a picture of what they want to be.  Dallas' says a construction worker.
A diagram and writing about their senses.  Might I add how impressed I am with how Dallas' writing/letter making skills are developing.
A little thank you and love note!
Until next time...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ice Sledding

Yesterday was actually nice enough to get outside and burn off some built up winter energy.  Enjoy the videos from their time outside! Some of the video clips are louder because I had the window open to hear the laughter.  The grunting noises are Julianne laying near me (inside the house)!

The puppies were excited to get out of the kennel too, and of course, the kiddos wanted to hook them up to their sleds.  First was Reba and Fred.
Then, it was Dallas and Fred's turn.
Reba wanted to Charlie to pull her (he doesn't like to do it as much as Fred does)
Then, Daddy discovered he could give the kids a ride without pulling them across the yard! 
Reba's turn
Next, Dallas had the idea to pull the sled with his trike.
Even, Daddy got a turn on the sled!
Until next time...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rhonda and the Mole

The other day as I was walking from our dining room into the kitchen, I saw a rodent laying out on the patio.  At first, I thought it was a mouse.  Then, I looked closer and realized it had large "hands".  It was a mole!  I was very surprised to see one this time of the year, being that our ground is actually frozen for once.  Then, I noticed Rhonda hunched down off to the side, and all of sudden, here she came running to start the "game".  I called for Reba, who thought it was quite funny.  Enjoy her commentary!
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Fun Friday Fotos - Look Alike?

Just for fun, and because I like to compare.  Here are all 3 kiddos at roughly the same age.

Julianne - 2 months
Reba - 2 months
Dallas - 1.5 months
So, what do you think? Any resemblance?

Until next time...

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Reba got the game Twister as a Christmas present.  On the night of Jan. 23rd, the kiddos found the game under the couch. (don't judge, it got shoved under there while opening gifts and forgotten about).  I was in the middle of nursing Julianne when they decided to play, and I only had my phone for a camera; therefore, I apologize for the poor photo quality and the closeness of Dallas' rear end.

Dallas took over the control of the spinner, and Daddy was helping Reba reach from red to green!
This Twister version has extra commands, such as put your right foot in the air.  Needless to say, this game didn't last long!
Until next time...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Julianne - 1 month

Julianne went for her one month check up on 20th of January.  She is definitely growing!

Here are her stats:
Weight: 10 lbs 8 oz (67th percentile)
Height: 22 inches (68th percentile)
Head Circumference: 36 cm (18th percentile)

Some things that Julianne was doing at one month include (but not limited to):
Beginning to smile
Wearing size 1 diapers
Wearing 0-3 month clothes (onesies are getting short, but pants are plenty long)
Rubbing bare spots in her hair
Rolled from belly to back two different days
Sleeping from 10 pm to 5 am consistently
During the day, Julianne will be awake for 45 min-1 hour and then sleep 1-2 hours
Nursing every 2.5 to 3 hours
Taking about 3 oz of pumped milk at bedtime to help with bowel movements
Been to the doctor once for fever and stuffy nose
Starting to spit up more often
Baby acne has shown up

That's all I can remember at this point.

Until next time...

Monday, February 10, 2014


Many people will ask Doug and I how Dallas and Reba are doing with Julianne.  If they have adjusted well.  If they like to help.  Well, here are a few pictures of the lovin' that baby girl gets on a daily basis!

Yes, they basically smother the little one!

Reba often refers to Julianne as "my little baby"

Dallas loves to hold Julianne while I switch a load of laundry, fold clothes, pick up toys, or start on supper.  He is also starting to truly help change diapers!

So, yes, Dallas and Reba have adjusted very well to having a new baby in the house.  I often find myself having to tell them to leave the baby alone so she can sleep in peace!

Until next time...