Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trip to the Doctor

First off...Dallas is need to panic Grandmas.

It began last night after supper. Doug thought Dallas felt warm, so he took the little guy's temp...he was correct. It was about 101 degrees. We gave him some Tylenol, put just a t-shirt on him, and he went right to sleep. I figured it is the teething issue giving him the fever. Yes, he has molars coming in now!

This morning when Dallas woke up, he was as cool as a cucumber. He didn't eat much for breakfast. A little out of the ordinary, but maybe he just wasn't hungry yet. But he did drink his milk. He went down for his morning nap at 11, and woke up when Doug got home for lunch. Dallas once again felt warm, but not feverish. Again, he didn't eat much for lunch. Doug suggested taking his temp again. I did, and it was 98 degrees.

After Doug left to go back to work, I took the dogs outside and came back in to find that Dallas had thrown up! I couldn't believe it. The kid has only thrown up once. This made me more concerned, so I called the doctor. Luckily, they were able to get Dallas in at 2 o'clock. was already 1:30, and I was heading into town.

After visiting with the nurse, learning that Dallas is up to 25 pounds 9 oz and his temp was 98.3 degrees, the doctor final came in. She did all the normal checking...listening to his lungs, looking in his ears, looking down his throat, checking the lymphs. He checked out just fine. There was a small amount of fluids in his right ear, but no sign of infection. The doc agreed with me that it is all probably due to those darn molars!

I paid my co-pay and left with a $20 ease of mind, and a happy little boy.

Here's a picture of Dallas helping me clean up his mess...Until next time...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Walking and Rocking

Dallas really started walking around the house yesterday. He has been taking about 2-3 steps for a good while, but yesterday he was really making some progress across the living room. Of course, when I got the camera out to capture these moments, one of two things happened. (1) the dogs jumped in the way or (2) he would quit walking and start crawling.

Dallas is also loving to climb on the furniture. Last Wednesday, he figured out how to climb on the couch and since then he climbs on everything. He loves this rocking chair which came from Gram and Grandpa Bergman. I think they said that it was actually Bob's mom's chair...been in the family for a little while.

Until next time...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sandbox Fun

Last weekend, Doug and I bought material to build Dallas a sandbox. Only, we didn't get the project completed last weekend. We were able to get the sandbox built yesterday, and Dallas had a blast playing it in. When it got to be after 7 p.m., Dallas still needed to eat supper, needed to take a bath, and a storm was beginning to roll in, the little guy got mad when we pulled him out of the sandbox! Here are a few pictures...
Since we had gorgeous weather all last week, a little bit of rain over the weekend, and sunshine on Sunday, my tulips are starting to bloom!
Until next time...

A couple short home videos

Over the weekend, Gram and Grandpa Bergman came to visit. Gram brought bubbles, and Dallas loved them! This video really doesn't show how much he enjoyed them, but it was the best I got.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't all that great on Saturday, so we stayed inside, but Sunday the weather was great! Dallas is really starting to like going down the slide. Of course, he still needs to work on the landing.

Until next time...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Yea for Me!

I have been wanting wireless internet back in my house since my computer crashed when Dallas was born. (When the computer crashed, it erased the save passwords and settings for the router) I finally bought a new router this was much cheaper than paying the computer guru to come reset the old router. Anywho...long story short, I got it working today! It is so nice to be able to sit at my desk and be on the internet!

In other news, Gram and Grandpa Bergman are on their way out for a weekend visit. Dallas is taking a big afternoon nap so he will be able to play when they get here.

Today, the weather is awesome! It is around 80 degrees. There is a strong breeze, but that's nothing unusual. We are to get rain everyday for the next 4 or 5 days. Lance (the weatherman) says it won't be all day everyday. Lets hope not...that would completely ruin the weekend.

Farmers have been hitting it hard this week in the fields. I was talking with my parents and was amazed to find out that we are planting in Iowa before they are in Indiana...I don't think that happens very often! On my way home from church last night, there were still a handful of farmers in the fields. You would think that it was almost June and they were needing to get the planting done!

Speaking of church...last night was my last night of religious ed for this year. I can't believe the year has come to an end. I am having 5 kiddos being confirmed this year. A little disappointing because I started the year with 8 being candidates. Oh well, I guess they weren't ready to take the next step in their religious life.

Well, to end...a couple pics of Dallas...
Doug and Dallas went fishing again last night. Apparently, Dallas found the perfect seat (the tackle box)! Doug said they had a few nibbles, but weren't able to catch the big one.
I never thought that my son would be one of those kids who sagged their pants...guess I was wrong.

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Little Evil Knievel

Some of you have heard of Dallas' big fall last week. It was Wednesday evening, and it was about bedtime. Dallas was "working" on his pedal tractor when he fell and busted his mouth. It did scare me because there was quite a bit of blood coming from his mouth, and Doug was still out of town. Thankfully, the little guy was fine. He did end up with a swollen bottom lip and a few good cuts, but no stitches were needed and he didn't knock any teeth loose.

You would think after taking a fall like that, he would be a little more hesitant about things. But he isn't...check out what I found him doing yesterday.
And, he wasn't just standing on the bench - he was dancing on it!

Until next time...

Friday, April 17, 2009

More Easter Pictures

Mom sent me some of her pictures from Easter, and I thought I would share them with you.

Aunt Katie farming with Dallas.
Mommy and Dallas after church Easter morning.
Checking out the gifts left for Dallas.
New hobby: Golf.
Dallas: Check it out Austin, I can stand up!
Austin: Wow! I want to do that!
Austin sharing in the conversations.
Four Generations (Rajean, Dallas, GG, and Grandma Robertson)
Grandpa Robertson and Dallas
Until next time...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Indiana Trip

Grandpa Robertson got Dallas some new farming equipment!
Checking out his new tractor, wagon and disc.
Playing with Snowball.
Playing with the sheep.
Getting ready for the egg hunt with Gram Bergman.
Can you tell Dallas was really into it?
Look Mom...I found an egg!
Playing with the golf clubs from Grandpa and Grandma Robertson.
I just love his hat in this one...
I have more to post, but it will have to be later.
Until next time...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fishing Trip

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that Doug decided to take Dallas fishing. I think they had a great time - even though they didn't catch any fish.

The only other "person" that was at the lake
Until next time...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Because I haven't put up pictures recently, I thought I would take some time to do so...

Dallas taking Dad for a ride the other night.
If it has wheels, Dallas will push it across the floor!
Did you know it was already time to harvest the crops?
Grandpa Robertson would be so proud...Finally, we were able to play outside today since the weather was awesome...apparently, Dallas got hungry while we were playing...
And no, that's not chocolate cake
Until next time...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Fred!

Yesterday was Fred's 3rd birthday!
As you can see, he took full advantage of having a relaxing day!

Until next time...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Date Night...

Friday evening, there was a small group from work that went to see the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders battle the Indiana Ice. Thankfully, friends from church agreed to watch Dallas for the evening, so Doug and I had an evening out! Here are a few pictures from the game...

The RoughRiders are in the black. The always fun part of the evening...the Zamboni! The RoughRiders blank the Ice...6 to 0!
A little team celebration...
Until next time...