Friday, September 21, 2007


Last night was the first night of religious education classes at our church. I was a little nervous about teaching solo this year, but then things got rolling and everything was fine. When the night started, there were only 3 students registered for my class which is the Confirmation group - 10th graders. I ended up with 5 students (4 girls and 1 boy) by the end of the night. I think it is going to be a really good year. I'm a little concerned about the end of the year when Buckwheat is scheduled to arrive...I'm not sure who is going to take over the class...but we have lots of time to determine that.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Price Is Right

As most of you know, Doug and I traveled to L.A. last February to fulfill my life long dream of being on The Price Is Right. And, if you remember, we were able to be in the studio audience after standing in line for 6 hours! In addition, if you remember, I was chosen to "come on down!"

For the past few months they have been re-running episodes from the last season with Bob Barker. So...what I am getting at is...if you missed us on TV in March, you have a chance to catch it again. Our episode will re-air on this Friday, the 21st of September.

Look for us in the opening "sweep" of the audience!

F.Y.I. The Price Is Right airs at 11 am eastern standard time (10 am central time).

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Doug and I went fishing Saturday night with some friends from work, Fred & Anna. We arrived at Red Rock, near Pella, IA, around 6 p.m. or so. We fished for a while, and then it began to rain on us. We were able to see the most beautiful rainbow from it though. It was a complete full rainbow, with the start of a double. I was able to get one good picture of it.

Doug fishing in the rain.

Finally, the rain passed, and we stayed at the lake until 9:30! Anna had the most success of any of us. I believe she ended up with two catfish, 2-3 carps, 1 crappie, and probably a few little ones too.

Rajean's big catch of the night.

Doug's big catch.

Doug and Fred holding one of the many catches Anna got in the night.

Baby Update

Doug and I went to another baby appointment on Friday...and everything is going great! We were even able to hear Buckwheat's heat beat. It was so strong and clear! 156 beats/min. (Is that girl or boy by the old wives tale?)

"Good and healthy," said the doctor. We go back on October 15th for the next visit.

In addition, I finally have the first picture to post of my belly! Please, don't mind Fred in the corner...he had to jump in at the last minute...and it was too cute not to leave in.

End of Week 12!
Until next time...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today is my mom's birthday! I hope she doesn't work too hard today and is able to enjoy her special day. We were able to celebrate early over the Labor Day weekend with some Mayonnaise cake (yummy!) and homemade ice cream!

Sorry we don't get to spend the day with you, Mom, but know that we are thinking about you and sending you lots of love.

So...again, Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Weekend

Hello All!

Doug and I had a very enjoyable weekend. Mine started with staying in bed until late morning on Saturday! Doug can't seem to sleep in as well as me, so he got out of bed and played with the boys.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Iowa City to look for shoes...not for me, but for Doug. He needed some new work boots. We didn't find any at the mall like he was wanting, so we wasted some time by going to Sheel's before catching the 4 o'clock Hawkeye Express to Kinnick Stadium. For you Boilermaker's out there...yes, that is where the Iowa Hawkeye's play. No, we are not turning into Hawkeye fans. Doug's department at work had their "Fun Day" at the Iowa vs. Sycracuse football game. We had a space in Hawkeye Village (aka: Tailgating Area) and had plenty of food and drinks before the game. We then headed to the stadium around 7 o'clock for kick-off. It was a blow out for Iowa, as they ended up winning 35-0. After the game, we stopped at IHOP because I was "craving" some French Toast! Oh boy, was it good!

On Sunday, we made it to church on time even though we were stopped by a train at 8:28 (mass begins at 8:30!). We came home, had breakfast, finished some laundry, did some dishes, and mowed the lawn. It had been almost 2 weeks since we last mowed...and it sure needed it. After our chores were finished, Doug went back to Iowa City to try a few different places for work boots. He was successful on that trip. When he got home, he packed a picnic dinner and loaded the boys in the car. We then headed out to Lake Iowa for the evening. It was a perfect evening to be out. We had dinner at the park while the boys played. Doug and I then did a little pitch 'n catch until Fred got a hold of the ball and thought it was his turn to play. We ended the evening by taking the boys on a walk around the lake.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I hope you were all able to enjoy yours as well. It has been raining here all day, so I'm super glad we were able to take advantage of the weather Saturday and Sunday.

Until next time...

Friday, September 7, 2007

Labor Day Follow Up

Here are some of the snapshots from the Labor Day Blast! Enjoy!

A good, friendly game of Corn Hole between Dori and Aunt Carol.

Doug, Brice, and Jake trying out the potato gun. They sure had lots of fun!

Everyone "supervising" the potato launches.

Most important: The Food Table.
If you went hungry, it was your own fault!

Camp Labor Day Grounds

Unfortunately, this was the only shot I was able to get of the Family Flag Football Game...
...and it was the last play!

The "Baby Shower"
From Left to Right: Jennifer, Aunt Carol, Vanessa, Kathleen, and Didi

Mom trying out the "Grandma Skills" with Vanessa.

Craig asks the age old question: "How did she do that?"

Doug and Trace playing Ladder Ball.

Doug and Brice built outstanding camp fires for everyone to enjoy each evening.

We ended the weekend with some family photos. I think everyone had a good time.

And finally: The Grandkids!
Ya'all come back now...ya hear!?!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's Fun To Be A Fan!

Last night we went to watch the Kernels take on Clinton LumberKings in Game 1 in a best of 3 series, first round of playoffs. It was a great game! The Kernels won!!! This is the first time in 5 years (or so) they have made it into the playoffs. They play again tonight at Clinton, and again tomorrow night if needed.

Here are a few shots from the game. Sorry they are dark...I don't think my flash is exactly the greatest.

Here is 1st baseman Mark Trumbo hitting his home run of the night!

The Running of the Eyeballs! This is my favorite (I know: wierd-o) game between innings. The 3 eyeballs race from the first base side to the third base side. They usually try knocking each other down in the process. My fav, the blue eye, actually ended up winning for once!

The Kernels running out from the dug out to celebrate the win!

The night wouldn't be complete without a self portrait.

The final score board from the night. Check out how fast that last pitch was: 95 mph!!!

Hungry Boys!

So this morning after I came up from taking my shower, I heard this munching noise in the front room. I had no idea what it was because Doug had already left for work...that only left the boys. Hmm...I wonder what they are up to...

Someone got into the trash and found the box of saltines that I threw away last night! I love how Charlie won't look at the camera, and Fred is acting like it is not his fault.

Here is a close up of Fred...

They are sometimes too cute to scold. Boy...I'm going to make a great mom!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I want to send out a Happy Birthday to my dad!!!

His birthday was Sunday, so we were able to spend the day with him. Mom made an angel foods cake and brought out here. She also made some homemade ice cream. Yummy!

So, again, Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you enjoyed it!!!


Wow! What a weekend...

I won't write too much now, because I am still pretty exhausted! If you remember, I mentioned that my dad's family was out to visit this weekend. We had 28 people altogether: ages 6 weeks to 82 years!

We had a great time! The weather was perfect! The food was awesome! All in all...we couldn't have had a better get together, in my opinion.

I would up load some pictures and captions, but my camera battery is currently on the charger. So check back soon for the full run-down!

Until next time...