Friday, August 8, 2014

School Days 2014

Yesterday was Dallas' first day of 1st Grade!
He was kind enough to get his picture taken with his sisters
Dallas has 12 students in his class this year - 6 boys and 6 girls.  Two boys moved in, and one girl moved to public school.

And today, Reba had her first day of Pre-K!
She thought we needed a picture of her with her brother and sister.
Reba has 17 students in her class this year.  All 7 are returning from last year's preschool class, so she was excited to see her "old" friends.  She will go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this year.  Although, she would love to go all 5 days so she would be one of the "big kids" to help the "little kids".

I am super excited to report that there were no tears (from kiddos or parents) on either day!  Here's to a blessed and joyous school year.

Until next time...
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