Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Dallas started Pre-school today!  And, like every good mother, I got a picture of him on his 1st day of school!
Like the pop-tart in his hand?  We had to get up extra early this morning because the kiddos and I had to take Doug to work before going to school.  We are currently a vehicle short, but hope that ends this evening. 

After dropping Daddy off at work, I had about an hour to waste before Dallas had to be at school, so like every good mother, I took the kiddos to McDonald's!  What a way to start your school career, right?

I got this picture outside his classroom door when I dropped him off.
Thankfully, there were no tears from him as I left.  Reba is the one who cried!  I think she was mad she wasn't staying.  When I picked Dallas up, he still had dry eyes.  When I asked what he did today, his first reponse was that he sat on the "yellow carpet".  I have since gotten out of him that they read a Clifford story and he played on the playground.  We'll see what he has to tell Daddy when he gets home.

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emenchho said...

haha...love it! Kids always love school until they are older, it's something new. I personally loved pre-school! I actually went through Junior year of HS with almost everyone that I was in pre-school with and ya don't hear that very often! ;) Here's to more good story days about sitting on carpet squares!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, such a big boy! GG is so proud of him! Great picture too.

Gram said...

I am so glad it went well. I just can not believe he is old enough already. Hope he gets to just love it and makes new friends. Love that boy!

Jenni said...

How fun!! How did mommy do? I would have been the one crying. :-). Love the pictures!! Those are super important!

The Stockment's said...

Glad to hear you survived this day! We go September 6th...so I can only imagine what stories Colton will tell on his first day! Hard to believe our little guys are this old (and you know what that says about our ages...) :) Take care, Jean!