Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun Friday Fotos - Warrick County Fair

After the ultrasound and monthly baby doctor appointment, we all headed over to the Warrick County Fair.  We had never been, and we were just curious to check it out.  Of course, wouldn't you know, we picked the hottest day of the summer (thus far) to go!  Doug was also interested in watching the poultry judging that was that afternoon.  I believe the gears are turning for when the kiddos get to be of 4-H age!

We headed to the poultry and rabbit area first.  In the corner of the barn were a couple of turkeys, one being a big tom.  The owner was kind enough to get out "Big Tom" for the kiddos to pet.  The young man informed us that he raised the pair since they were a few days old (they are now 5 years old), and that "Big Tom" was very gentle and would follow him around like a puppy!  Dallas loved it - Reba watched from a distance.
After looking at a few chickens, we decided we needed a drink.  Lemonade Shake-ups sure hit the spot on a hot afternoon!
Off to see the rabbits
We then continued through the rest of the livestock.  This young lady was giving her calf, "Molly" a drink as we passed by, and she asked if the kiddos would like to pet her.

Of course, they loved the goats!

We found it interesting to see this wooly one at the fair...
Another goat (that the kiddos found silly because it was sitting like a dog)
We ended our afternoon at the fair with some homemade ice cream and strawberries
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for another group of outstanding pictures! You all look great!! Love, GG

Carla said...

We were there for a little bit Saturday morning, but I didn't take any pictures. Not sure if you knew or not, but that's where Christa and I were in 4-H!!!