Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tractor Pulls at the Posey County Fair

On Friday evening, we headed back to the Posey County Fair for the antique tractor pulls.  They had a great turn out, the kiddos loved watching and picking out their favorites.

Dallas spotted this Ollie as soon as we arrived
He also liked the side shields on this Oliver
This Allis was somewhat similar to ours - just painted a little differently
Another Oliver making her way down the track
Reba liked this one - it might have had something to do with the lady driving...
Then, Little Miss spotted this purple Moline, and fell in love
When Doug and I spotted this Oliver from a distance, we thought it was primed and ready for a new coat of paint.  We later learned, it was painted and called the "Grey Ghost".
Dallas found this tractor interesting with the single wheel up front
Daddy and Dallas taking in the pulls
Right before we left, we were finally able to see that purple Moline hook up.  Little Miss stood up and cheered it on down the track!
We returned to the fair on Saturday night as well (yep, that makes a total of 5 trips to the fair last week) to watch the super-stock tractors and diesel trucks, but I did not take my camera.

Until next time...we still have a few more fairs to attend!

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