Monday, July 15, 2013

Posey County Fair

Last week was our local county fair.  We have been previously, but it has been on the last night when the truck and tractor pulls were going - and all the animals were gone.  We all went on Monday night because the county farm bureau was serving a dinner, and our friends, Matt and Carla, convinced us to go :)

I took the kiddos back on Wednesday morning to watch the sheep show.  As we walked through the barn on Monday night, it looked as though there were close to 100 head of sheep (mostly market lambs, but a few breeding stock).  Anywho...this was the only ewe fitted for the show - kind of reminded me where I started :)
All but one of the breed champions ready for the Grand Drive (l-r: {out of the picture was the natural colored ewe lamb}, cross breed ewe lamb, hamp ewe lamb, shrop ewe lamb, suffolk ewe lamb, southdown yearling ewe, montidale yearling ewe)
Here is the natural colored ewe - she ended up winning Grand Champion Ewe
After the breeding show was done, the kiddos and I made our way over to the rabbit and poultry barn.  (Their barn was already closed up when we were walking around on Monday night).  This young lady offered to get her mini lop rabbit out for the kiddos to pet.  I love when 4-H'ers do that!

We then made our way to the horse arena and watched the trail ride class, but then Momma needed to find some shade!

Reba enjoying the shade while getting something to drink
Dallas being silly for the camera
After we were cooled off, it was back to look at the goats!

and the cows

and lastly, the tractors before heading home

Until next time...

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Carla said...

You forgot about Tues. night. Looking forward to your post about the rest of your fair week adventures as well.