Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week 20

I thought I should update you all on Baby B's progress.  Today marks the start of week 20, which means we are half way through the pregnancy.  For the inquiring is the bump!
This past Tuesday, we were blessed to be able to "see" the baby!  I had a routine 20 week ultrasound to check on baby's progress and take measurements.  We also did NOT find out the gender of the baby - remember we like the surprise.
The baby measured in at 12 oz (not even a pound, but somehow I have gained 5...)  We also heard a strong heart beat at 152 beats/min.  The kiddos did great during the ultrasound pointing out the nose and head and feet.  At one point, Dallas was convinced he could see the baby's teeth moving and proudly stated the baby was eating!  We explained that the tech was zoomed in on the baby's heart and he was seeing it beating.

Here are a few more pictures we were able to bring home of Baby B

The baby had its legs didn't want to reveal either!
Look at the tiny baby feet!
A different few, the baby all curled up - you can clearly see the spine in this one.
I also had my monthly visit with the doctor, and she was pleased with the baby's progress and said everything looked great.  She answered a few questions for me, including the issue with my blood type.  I have always been typed as O+, but this pregnancy prenatal blood work came back with a blood type of O-.  They (the doctors and blood lab) believe that I have a weak D antigen.  Basically, if a person has the D antigen on their red cell surface, they are a positive blood type.  If there is no D antigen present on the red cell surface, they are a negative blood type.  Mothers who are "weak D" are considered positive and do not need the treatments for prevent hemolytic disease (HDFN) in babies.  Mothers can also be "partial D" meaning one or more parts of the D antigen is missing.  These mothers are considered as a negative blood type and should be treated for HDFN.  I had another blood draw done on Tuesday for the lab to double check that I have a weak D antigen and not a partial.  You can read more about HDFN here.

OK...that was a lot of technical last picture though.  A comparison of all three of my pregnancies at 20 weeks!
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The Stockment's said...

Okay - based on pics -- I'm guessing Boy! :) I carried Emmalyn much differently than I have the boys. You seem to match how you're carrying this one with how you carried Dallas! Guess we'll see if my strategic science is right in about 20 weeks huh? :) Looking great, Rajean -- just be glad you're not 39 weeks in this's not fun!