Sunday, September 13, 2015

St. Wendel Summer Social 2015

This weekend was our church's annual summer social, which the kiddos have been talking about nonstop for the last 2 weeks!  I had volunteered to work in the bounce house area on Saturday evening.  Before we left the house, I was doing chores when I watch storm clouds "roll" pass us.  There were maybe 10 drops of rain that fell here at the house, but in St. Wendel, it was a down pour with hail!  Luckily, the social hadn't started, mass was still going on, and the rain was over by the time mass finished.

When the kiddos and I arrived, the air had definitely cooled down.  So much so, that I loaded them back into the van to go home and get the kiddos in long pants and grab sweatshirts for everyone!  We then headed back and let the fun begin.  Julianne and Momma got something to eat, and Dallas and Reba headed straight for the bounce houses.  Once Julianne finished her hot dog, she was ready to get in the bounce house with the others.

Sugar did very well until she got plowed over by someone, then she was done and wouldn't entertain the idea of getting back in - even when Reba was the only one in that bounce house!

Dallas spent the evening floating back and forth between the bounce houses and the dunk tank.  Thankfully, they were right next to each other, and I could keep an eye on him while I was working the bounce house area.
Sunday morning, after church, we came home to change clothes and get Julianne a nap before returning to the activities.  We were all thrilled to learn Daddy had the day off and got to join us in the fun!  We first enjoyed the fabulous fried chicken dinner they serve, and then we made our way to the bounce houses (again)!

There was not too many kiddos in the area, so I thought I would let Julianne try the slide.  Guess what!?!?  She loved it!!!

She couldn't quite climb up the "steps" by herself, but Daddy gave her a helping hand.  Reba desperately wanted to go down with her (either side by side or one in front of the other), but Sugar would have no part in that!  Julianne would even "push" Reba down the slide so she would be out of the way.
Dallas was somehow able to get Julianne to go down with him (one time), but I don't think Julianne was very happy about it.
The church sells tickets which are needed in order to play the games (dunk tank, plinko, coin toss, and pick a duck).  This year, I bought Dallas and Reba each a pack of 25 tickets.  Dallas spent all of his on the dunk tank, and Reba spent all of her at the plinko and pick a duck.  She did let Julianne pick a couple of the ducks, but Reba kept the tokens that were won.
Julianne finally crashed for a nap about 5 this afternoon.  She only slept about 45 minutes, but something is better than nothing!
Then she was back in the bounce house!

Dallas also participated in the pedal pull.  This was his first year pedaling the Allis, called Hook and Book.  He did fairly well, but he didn't go far enough to place.

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