Friday, September 11, 2015

Fun Friday Fotos - Test Success and School Pictures

This big guy was so excited (and proud) to share with me his reading test when he got home from school today, and I don't blame him!
Dallas was actually pretty nervous this morning before school about taking this test (as in he was in tears and didn't want to go).  He has one of these reading tests every Friday, and unfortunately, he hasn't had much success with them.  His teacher has had him retake 2 of them because he had such low scores, but not today...Today, he got a 100%!  To celebrate, we had strawberry milkshakes for an after school snack.

In addition to the awesome test score, check out what else came home today...
Dallas Matthew Bergman - 2nd Grade
Reba Elizabeth Bergman - Kindergarten
Doug and I love them!  I can one not love those smiling faces?
Click here to look back at previous years' school pictures.

Until next time...


Gram said...

Those pics are so good, I love them both. They are beautiful grandkids. I am very proud.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what good school pictures! I've already printed them and put they up on my board! Thanks so much. GG