Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rushville Tractor Show - Day 2

We headed back to the tractor show today, and we weren't there long when we ran into our friend Michael and his son.  Declan asked to go for a ride on the lawn mower, and Doug just couldn't deny his request.  Of course, my littles wanted to go along too.
In the afternoon, there were old fashioned games including a tug of war, and (Reba's favorite) the coin search.  That's where they toss in hand fulls of coins into a pile of straw and the let the kiddos search.  What they find, they keep.
Reba ended up finding 4 quarters this year.  Not quite as many as last year, but she still had fun.
Julianne started out in the stroller to watch, but after a few minutes, that wasn't good enough for her...
Sugar didn't find any coins, but she sure had fun tossing the straw around!
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