Monday, August 4, 2014

Rushville Steam and Tractor Show

In addition to getting our kiddos back, we headed north to attend the Pioneer's Engineers Club in Rushville.  We had two jammed packed and fun-filled days at the show.  Enjoy the photos!

On Saturday, Reba participated in the straw game.  Various coins were scattered in a pile of straw, and the kiddos got to keep whatever they found.  Reba ended up finding $1.50 in quarters.
Then it was time for the parade.  This year the feature tractor was Massey in conjunction with the National Massey Show.  Our friends, the Schenk's, made the trip with Carla's parents and tractors!  Ciara and Mattison decided to sit with us during the parade.  They loved waving when Poppy, Mamaw Jo, and their parents rode through.
The weather couldn't have been more perfect this past weekend.  It was warm and sunny, but not hot and muggy.  Of course, we still enjoyed a few ice cream cones!
Check back to this post to see previous ice cream cones

Later in the day, Daddy borrowed a friend's tractor and wagon and we all went for a ride
After spending the entire day at the show, we decided to stay into the night for the Spark Show!
I'm not sure of the whole logistics of how it works, but the steam engine operators put something into the funnels and sparks are thrown into the night!
There were 3 or 4 steam engines participating in the show.  In the picture below, you can "see" the fly wheel on the side of the engine that would catch the sparks and then throw them along the belt that was hooked up to it.

We headed back on Sunday morning for more fun!  While looking around in the machine shop area, we got to talking to this gentleman that built a scale-model steam works that actually ran off a toy steam engine.  He also had this saw mill that ran on a toy steam engine, and he let Dallas run the mill!
Here's a video of Daddy running the mill...
Reba decided she wanted to search for more coins so she could buy an ice cream, and Dallas thought that was a great idea - so he joined in too.
Unfortunately, Dallas dropped what coins he found back into the straw.  Luckily though, Pa-paw had a pocketful of coins that he gave to the Big D, and he was able to get an ice cream.
Reba didn't quite find enough change to add to the previous days earnings, but Pa-paw helped out there too.
As we were packing up to head home, Dallas was insistent that the stroller ride on the trailer!
Don't worry, he added many straps to hold it on.

Until next time...

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