Friday, August 7, 2015

Rushville Antique Show - Day 1

Earlier in the week, Doug and I were trying to decide if we wanted to attend the Rushville Steam Show or the Greensburg Power of the Past Show this summer.  We have been so busy lately, that we weren't sure if we wanted to be on the road this weekend again, but the weather was to be awesome to be out at the tractor show.  Plus, we could enjoy an extra day at Rushville since the kiddos aren't in school yet.  With Greensburg still 2 weeks away, we don't know what the weather will be like, plus it would be somewhat the same situation with traveling multiple weekends in a row - the Kentucky State Fair will be the following week.  In the end, we decided to head up north and attend the Rushville Show.  We got up early this morning, and made our way to there.

Doug and I convinced the kiddos to partake in the pedal pull today (as there wouldn't be as many kiddos today compared to tomorrow).  They break the classes by age - boys and girls together.

Reba ended up placing 3rd in the 5 year old group
And Dallas placed 2nd in the 7 year old group!
This year, instead of medals, the winners were able to chose a prize in the gift shop.  First place got a hat and a t-shirt, second place had a choice of a hat or a t-shirt (Dallas picked a t-shirt), and third received a show souvenir button.
After the pedal pull, we visited Uncle Junior at his tent.  While the adults chatted, the kiddos climbed on the tractor (which Junior recently finished restoring; it had been his dad's/Doug's grandpa's)
We stayed busy all day between riding lawn mowers, walking the flea market, eating ice cream, and watching the tractors drive by.  We stayed late and enjoyed watching the spark show.

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