Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jackson County Fair 2015

After the sheep show at Evansville, Pa-paw and Ma-maw took the sheep to their house so they could take them to Brownstown a few days later.  Julianne had missed them a little!
Doug and I got to the fairgrounds around noon, and let me tell you it was hot!  About an hour before the show was to start, a small storm cell moved through.  It dumped quite a bit of rain in a small amount of time, but it also cooled the temps dramatically!

Dallas was in charge of holding onto one side of the tent (we were set up on blacktop so there was no way to anchor the tents)
Julianne thought it was fun to play in the rain
Pa-paw and the drowned rat
It got crowded under the tent during the rain, so the kiddos set their chairs on the trim table to save some room
Once the rain stopped, and we were done trimming, we found some of that delicious church booth food for supper.  Julianne then really enjoyed her cookie for dessert.  I think she was even trying to save some for later!
Little Miss dressed and ready

Reba helped Pa-paw and Aunt Lisa in the yearling ram class
Dallas and Ice Cube won the ram lamb class!
Sugar enjoying the show from sidelines
Crackerjack was the only one in his class
We had our two ewe lambs and Pa-paw/Aunt Lisa had their two ewe lambs.  The judge really shook up the placings tonight!  The lamb Dallas shows (Elizabeth) won the class, and Doc (the lamb we all really like, placed 3rd!
Dallas and Elizabeth also won champion Dorset, so they were in the grand drive!
It was a tough line up, and unfortunately, we didn't win.  It was still a fun night, and we actually were loaded and off the fairgrounds the earliest we have ever been.
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