Thursday, July 30, 2015

Happy 33rd Birthday (to me)!

What a day!  I got up early in hopes of getting a hair cut before my baby doctor appointment.  Only, as I was getting ready to leave, I found out I had left my wallet in the van last night.  Doug took the van today, so I could take the truck to have the tires rotated.  Thankfully, I had enough time to run up to Doug's work to get my wallet and get to the salon when it opened (one of those walk-in only places).  I ended up getting about 2 inches cut off the overall length, and I had the gal add layers - which has really brought out the waves/curls in my hair!
As far as the baby check-up, yesterday marked week 30 for baby number 4!  Everything continues to be on track, and baby is as active as ever!  I'm sure I am going to be exhausted next week after these sheep shows and garden work I've been up to this week.

After the baby check-up, I headed over to Sears to get the truck tires rotated.  Unfortunately, they were not able to complete the task because the stock racks were in the bed.  I had specifically asked when I made the appointment if it would be a problem.  The gentleman told me as long as they fit through the 10 ft door, they could do it.  Apparently that wasn't true.  The racks did fit through the door, but they did not allow the truck to be lifted high enough.  Oh, well...

After leaving Sears, I made 4 different stops to gather all the back-to-school supplies.  I ended my errands by stopping to get the sheep feed.  Doug then took me out for supper.  All in all, it was another great birthday!

Until next time...

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