Saturday, January 10, 2015

Church Renovation

Our church started a HUGE renovation project this weekend.  One of the things about the renovation is that we are getting new pews.  In order to do something with the current pews, the parishioners were given the opportunity to purchase them through a silent auction.  After some discussion, Doug and I agree a pew would be a nice addition to our home decor.  Luckily, we were able to "win" one of the pews!  The kiddos helped Daddy pick it up from church last night and bring it in the house.
To begin the renovations, there was a little "destruction" work that needed to be done first.  Doug was able to go and help this morning, and he sent me a few pictures of what they did...

Neither of us had been in the balcony of the church, so he got a picture of the pipe organ!
Looking down from the balcony.  They lowered the large chandelier and covered it.
Removed all the stations
Removing the statue of the Holy Family
Taking out the carpet on the alter
They discovered this tile work down the main isle once the carpet was removed!
We figure it will be 7-8 months that it takes to complete the renovations, so until then, we are having Mass in the school gym.  Here's to hoping everything goes well!

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