Friday, January 23, 2015

New Adventures

Not sure if you remember my post from early December about the green egg layer we bought.  Anywho, in that post I mentioned how we also got an incubator and egg turner in the deal.  Well, we have been saving eggs for a few days now, and we finally have enough to try our hand at hatching chicks!  Dallas and Reba helped Daddy put the first "round" of eggs in this evening.
Yes, Dallas is excited about all of this...he just chooses to do the opposite of what I ask/want for pictures.

Reba was more than willing to put the bantam eggs in first!
Dallas requested to put the green eggs in the turner.
The turner holds 41 eggs.  We didn't quite fill it tonight, but we do plan on saving some more in the next few days and adding them later.
Wish us luck!

Until next time...

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