Thursday, January 29, 2015

Reader's Theater

This week has been Catholic Schools Week, and the students have had a very fun filled week.  It started with a surprise field trip on Monday to a local movie theater.  Even the PreK was able to attend, so Dallas and Reba were able to watch Homeward Bound with all of their classmates/friends.  They loved the movie!  They have also had dress-up days, one of which was pajama day.  I happened to be working the Book Fair that day, so Julianne helped and came in her jammies!
Today was Grandparent's Day, and Pa and Gram were able to make it down for the day. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture...but I was able to attend Dallas' Reader's Theater program.  All the kiddos did an amazing job reading their lines.

The first group was all girls.  It was about Sue losing a tooth and what the tooth fairy might bring.
Dallas' group was second.  He played the role of the dad in "Hugo's Unicorn" (and by the was crazy sock day!)

I'm sad to admit, I forgot what the 3rd group's story was about, but they did a great job as well.
I always enjoy seeing what thinks are posted outside of Dallas' classroom...and there was quite of bit of his work on display today!  Here are a few of the many things...
"Snowflakes are unique and some am I.  I'm unique because I'm good at wrestling.  And I'm good at football.  I'm good at basketball.  And I'm good at baseball.  And I'm good at drawing.  And I'm good at coloring.  Dallas Bergman"
Writing words with the long o sound: "chose, cone, alone, home, drove, rose, Moses, rope, tone, phone, doe, rose, nose, close, clothes"
"Things I love: I love doing stuff at school.  I love playing Candyland.  I love making airplanes.  I love reading sports.  I love Dad and Mom.  I love eating strawberries and cherries."
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