Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from our Home to Yours

We made it home from Aunt Pat's last night.  Dallas and Reba each wrote a note for Santa, placed some cookies and carrots on a plate, and filled a mug with milk and a cup with water (for the reindeer).

This is what greeted the kiddos this morning when they woke - an empty plate and cups and a letter from the Jolly Guy.
Dallas' note to Santa
For Santa, the milk and the cookies (are for you).  The carrots and the water is for your reindeer. Have a happy new year. Love, Dallas
Santa responded: Merry Christmas! Chip (the Elf that was in Dallas' classroom) says "Hi!" -Mr. C.
 Reba's note to Santa
Santa, Merry Christmas.  We have (cookies) for you. -Reba
Santa responded: Thank you! - Mr. C.
 The stockings were stuffed by the TV with care...
We let the kiddos look through their stockings before we headed to Mass.  The church always looks so lovely decorated for Christmas.
A parishioner was kind enough to offer to take a family picture for us.

When we got home, everyone changed into comfortable clothes, and Dallas and Reba agreed we could open gifts.

Santa brought new batteries for the Gators!

Daddy got the girls matching pink tractors
Another item Reba mentioned more than once that she would like was a combine, I had to twist Daddy's arm to convince him to get her one...

Dallas loved watching Doug and I open presents. I do believe he is learning to love to give.

Santa also brought Dallas and Reba wooden baseball gloves that have Cincinnati Reds on them. The gloves can hold their bat, glove and ball.
Julianne was happy carrying around her new outfit
Daddy also painted a semi truck for Reba
Dallas loves his new lowboy trailer

Until next time...

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