Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas with Rosenfelds

We were able to spend Christmas Eve with Gram's side of the family.  Gram found my camera in the diaper bag; therefore, I have pictures to share with you all!

Dallas and Reba always love playing with this toy (I think it's Little People, but I'm not sure) when we are at Aunt Pat's house.
Doug and I joined Christy, Aunt Peggy and Kathryn in a game of Tripoley

The kiddos were able to decorate gingerbread men (thanks to Jeff for bringing the supplies)

(Great) Uncle Junior has a special spot in his heart for Reba - they share a birthday and are both left handers ;)  Reba was happy to climb up in Uncle Junior's lap and share her game today.
Gram helped Julianne open her goody bag
Aunt Peggy had ordered from my Jamberry party in the fall, but was waiting for me to show her how to apply them.  So we had a pedicure session!
Aunt Josie getting some snuggle time with Sugar
A new family photo!
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