Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas with Robertsons

After sleeping in a little and doing a bit of "after-Christmas" clearance shopping, we headed north yesterday to celebrate Christmas with my parents and sisters, as well exchange a few gifts ;)  Unfortunately, Uncle Brian had to have emergency appendectomy surgery so he and Aunt Katie were not able to make the trip to join us.  We really missed them not being there, but thankfully, Uncle Brian will be back to himself quickly.

Enjoy the few photos I captured...we are completely blessed with all that God provided us this year.

Dallas (and Reba) loves to play "Santa" and pass out presents to everyone.  

The sweatshirt we gave Pa-paw
The yoga mat we gave Aunt Lisa
Julianne has really gotten the hang of opening long as someone holds it still for her while she pulls on the paper
Not sure what this was about...

Daddy was excited about new Oliver toys
Little Miss loves jewelry
Granny (GG) was excited about her new pots and pans we got her
Sugar doing her own thing...

Now Doug has his own hand shears to help fit sheep!
If it has to do with (carpet) farming, the Big D loves it
Little Miss is slowly adding to her operation
Ma-maw showing off the new bed skirt we gave her

A great way to end the day...reading one their new books with Ma-maw
Until next time...

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