Saturday, April 5, 2014

Working Sheep

At the end of the kiddos spring break stay, Doug, Julianne and I headed north to help work on sheep (and bring the kiddos home).  

Dallas and Reba were very excited to meet their baby lambs

Needless to say, they are very anxious to get the lambs down here to our house, but these baby girls need to stay with their momma for a little while longer.

We helped with some spring shearing
and with some "cutting out" in preparation of fitting this summer
(this is the ram lamb *Dallas and Reba* will be showing)
Isn't it funny how young kids think helping with chores is so much fun?  Dallas and Reba couldn't wait to help put down new bedding
and pick up the wool as we were shearing
While we were out in the barn, Ma-maw was keeping Julianne entertained.  But after we were done, Aunt Lisa was able to capture this picture of Pa-paw and Julianne relaxing and enjoying the Elite Eight basketball games
Until next time...

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