Friday, April 4, 2014

"Spring" Break

Even though the weather hasn't been very Spring-like, the kiddos still had a week off from school.  They headed north to stay with Pa, Gram, and Aunt Josie the first part of the break, and the second half with Pa-paw, Ma-maw, and Aunt Lisa.

Aunt Josie was kind enough to send some pictures of what they did...

Decorating the gumdrop tree

and dyed some eggs

Posing with the finished products
They even got colorful pancakes one morning

 They spent one afternoon at one of Gram's friend's house, and got to see some unusual pets!

A pig play pen
Some baby emus
They even have an alligator in the house!
I do believe they all had a pretty good time.

Until next time...

1 comment:

Missy!! said...

EMU?! Please tell me one was named Edward! You know, from the kiddo book "Edward the Emu" :) I gotta admit.. those are some cool pets!