Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Julianne - 4 months

Well, I started this post back on Julianne's actual 4 month "birthday." I got as far as uploading the photos before I was interrupted by something of the up-most importance (I'm sure).  Better late than never to finish it.

Julianne goes for her 4-month check up and vaccines on the 22nd, so we will have to wait until that time to see how much she has grown.  For now, you will have to settle on pictures, and this Momma bragging on what Julianne has accomplished.

We are starting to see signs of spring along with some warmer temperatures, so Julianne made her first trip to the barn to see the animals.
She has also started to join us outside while the older kiddos swing and slide, ride their toys, play in the sandbox, etc.  We have even gone on a few walks in the subdivision across the road.

Just after Julianne turned 3 months old, she figured out how to roll from her back to her side, but she has since figured out how to go all the way over to her belly.  She now remembers how to get back to her backside from her belly; therefore, making her way off the blanket she is suppose to be laying on!  I swear she is even starting to "think" about crawling, as she will kick and move her legs while on her belly!  So far, she has only been successful at moving backwards.

We still have not heard those big belly laughs from our baby girl.  She is ticklish under her arms and down the sides of her torso.  She will just smile and squirm when you try to tickle her.

Julianne is taking after her big brother in the teeth department!  She is working very hard at getting her bottom two front teeth to poke through.  She has mastered bringing toys to her mouth, chewing on her fingers, as well as any blanket she can get her hands on.  And, all of this, only increases the amount of drool that is produced from the sweet little angel.
Julianne will also mimic facial expressions.  She loves to return smiles, stick her tongue back out at you, and will occasionally return the raspberries.

She is much more stable in the bumbo seat, and she enjoys sitting in it and watching her brother and sister play.  She also likes it when we put the aquarium toy mat in front of her so she can bat at the fishes.
Julianne is still wearing 3-6 month clothing, but it won't be long before she moves up a size.  I do hope I am wrong, or I am going to have to buy new summer clothes for her.

Julianne is also finishing up her last pack of size 2 diapers, and she will begin wearing size 3 in the next day or two!

As I mentioned before, Julianne loves to return smiles, but in the last month she won't let me capture them with the camera.  This is the typical face I get once the camera is within sight!
Julianne is still adored by her big brother and big sister.  Reba loves to call Julianne "Shuggie Bear", and Doug and I have found Reba in Julianne's bed on more than one occasion.
Julianne is still swaddled during naps and at bedtime.  There were a few night where she was able to get her arms out of the blanket I had her swaddled in, but she still slept through the night.  That made me think it might be time to stop swaddling her.  Then, she got strong enough where she got completely unwrapped - and woke up in the middle of the night multiple nights in a row.  She wasn't hungry, she didn't want to play, she just couldn't stop moving to get back to sleep!  I bought a SwaddleMe blanket, and Julianne has returned to sleeping through the night.

Since we are on the topic of sleeping.  Julianne is now going to bed around 8:30 (Dallas and Reba are typically in bed around 8 p.m.; I will then nurse Julianne one final time and then put her in bed).  She sleeps until 6 am, when I wake her up to nurse before Dallas and Reba get up at 6:15)  When Dallas and Reba were gone for Spring Break, Julianne slept 12+ hours!
Her napping schedule has changed in the last week to week and a half.  She is now falling asleep on our ride home from dropping the older kiddos off at school (7:30ish), and sleeping til 9:30 or 10:00.  (That nap typically happens in the carseat)  She will then lay in her bed around noon, and I wake her a little after 2 p.m. to go pick up Dallas from school.  Sometimes, she will catch a quick cat nap (20 min) while I'm making dinner.

With the warmer days, Julianne got her first ride on the lawn mower.  Luckily, there were a couple guys willing to be her chauffeur!
Julianne is great at recognizing our voices - especially when she hears Momma speak from a different room or when Reba is singing!

Every once in a while, I still get to rock my baby to sleep...
One afternoon last week, Julianne was experimenting with new facial expressions.  This was her favorite...
Until next time...

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