Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ice Sledding

Yesterday was actually nice enough to get outside and burn off some built up winter energy.  Enjoy the videos from their time outside! Some of the video clips are louder because I had the window open to hear the laughter.  The grunting noises are Julianne laying near me (inside the house)!

The puppies were excited to get out of the kennel too, and of course, the kiddos wanted to hook them up to their sleds.  First was Reba and Fred.
Then, it was Dallas and Fred's turn.
Reba wanted to Charlie to pull her (he doesn't like to do it as much as Fred does)
Then, Daddy discovered he could give the kids a ride without pulling them across the yard! 
Reba's turn
Next, Dallas had the idea to pull the sled with his trike.
Even, Daddy got a turn on the sled!
Until next time...

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Erin P said...

hahaha...too cute! How nice to give Daddy a turn on the sled ;)