Wednesday, February 26, 2014

89th Birthday Party

My Grandpa Robertson (also referred to as Great-Grandpa in our house) turned 89 this past Sunday, so on Saturday many of the Robertson Family gathered at Gasthof Amish Village for the celebration and dinner.  It is Great-Grandpa's favorite place to go, and we enjoy it because there is a large banquet room for us to use that gives us the space to move about once we are done eating.

It didn't take the great-grandkids long to finish eating and dig out the toys.  Yep, that's Aunt Katie in the mix; they all love it when she makes a surprise visit back to play!
Our numbers have increased since the first time we went to Gasthof's in 2011!  
These 4 were the only great-grandkids in attendance in 2011.  This year there were 11 greats!
That's the birthday boy in the front with 3 of his children 
L-R: Uncle Joe, my dad, and Uncle John
The grandkids (10 of the 15) with the birthday boy
L-R: Craig, Kathleen, Brice, Lisa, Jerry, Katie, Trace, Me, Brooke and Dori 
Great-Grandpa meeting his newest great-grandbaby, Julianne (#21)
This was the best picture I got of Great-Grandpa and half of his great-grandkids! (plus a few extras to hold the babies)
After the party, Pa-paw, Ma-maw, Aunt Lisa and Aunt Katie followed us home to spend the rest of the weekend at our house.  Little Julianne got just a little bit of loving and cuddles...

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Erin P said... cute! It's great that you all got together for your grandpa's birthday. I'm sure he enjoyed the day with loved ones!