Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Grandparent/Special Persons Day

During Catholic Schools Week (Jan 26 - Feb 1), Reba, Julianne, and I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Dallas at school on Grandparents/Special Persons Day.  After lunch, we were able to spend time at the book fair, touring the school, visiting the classrooms, and play games before a special Mass to end the day.  As Dallas was taking us on a "tour of the school", I was able to see a lot of his recent art work hanging on the walls.  Enjoy!

Each kindergartner completed the sentence, "Kindergarten is..."
The teacher traced their silhouette (which, I love because my mom still has mine from Kindergarten framed and hanging up at her house!).  The kiddos also drew a picture of what they want to be.  Dallas' says a construction worker.
A diagram and writing about their senses.  Might I add how impressed I am with how Dallas' writing/letter making skills are developing.
A little thank you and love note!
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Carla said...

I'm impressed with his handwriting as well!