Friday, December 27, 2013

Robertson Christmas

Yesterday, we packed up the van early in the morning and started our trip to Aunt Katie's house!  Thankfully, the kiddos all did great on the trip - good thinking on the DVD players, Santa!

GG's first time meeting Julianne
This morning, Daddy was playing airplane with the older kiddos.  After breakfast while everyone was finishing getting ready, they wanted to fly again, so Pa-paw volunteered to take them up.

Finally, it was time to start opening presents, but first...yep, Momma had to get a picture!
I was able to take more pictures today because Ma-maw "volunteered" to hold Julianne.  Good thing Dallas and Reba were very willing to help others open their presents!
Reba showing off her new sparkly school shirt
Dallas showing off his new football from Aunt Katie
Have you seen this commercial?
Aunt Katie introduced Doug to it at Thanksgiving, and he, of course, loved it!  Therefore, Kate and Brian thought Doug needed this shirt...

Us girls went together and got this family birthday and anniversary wall hanging for Granny.  Each round "charm" contains a family members name and date of birth and hangs from the respective month.  The heart-shaped "charms" have anniversary dates.
Aunt Lisa getting some snuggle time in with Julianne
Aunt Katie decided to read some stories to Little Julianne
Meanwhile, Pa-paw and Reba worked on a puzzle together!
Until next time...

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