Saturday, December 28, 2013

Studio Fusion Glass

Katie's present to the ladies and kiddos was a trip to Studio Fusion Glass in Ft. Dodge.  It is this cozy studio where you can design your own glass art piece that will be fired in a kiln.  Items that can be made vary from a necklace charm to a picture frame to a large serving platter.  There is also ceramics that can be painted and glazed by little hands!

Aunt Katie let the kiddos pick two things to paint.  They each chose a bowl and an ornament.

A look down the table as everyone works
Lisa even grabbed my camera for a picture of me working!
A group shot before we left (Reba was a little tired and hungry)
Here are everyone's designs as they looked when we left (they still have to be fired and then mailed to us)

Lisa's platter
I chose coasters
Ma-maw chose a bowl
Granny chose a dish
Katie chose a larger platter
The snowman and purple bowl are Reba's, and the red bowl and stocking are Dallas'.
It was a great morning being crafty and a very unique idea.  We all had a fun time and can't wait to get our finished projects.  I hope to get a "finished" picture of everyone's art to show you the final designs!

Until next time...

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