Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we headed over to Aunt Pat's house (Doug's family) and had a wonderful time eating too much and playing card games; all the while Little Julianne was oo-ed and ah-ed over!  We left there and made the trip back to our house so we could prepare for Santa to come...which included tossing the reindeer food Dallas brought home from school.

We then set out a plate of cookies and milk for Santa, and a few carrots for the reindeer.

This morning we went to morning Mass, and then came home to see what Santa had left for us!

Dallas and Reba first looked in their stockings, and then I wanted a picture with the presents.  They chose to sit in front of the ones Santa left, not the ones under the tree...
*excuse Dallas with his shirt half opened.  I think he was going to change out of his church clothes, but then decided it would take to long and delay the present opening!

Santa brought them each a portable DVD player and headphones to use in the van - a perfect thing to have on our upcoming Iowa trip!

Dallas couldn't wait to get his paws on this big box (a new CAT combine)
Reba was thrilled about her new princess socks
Dallas made us a few different gifts at school, and he even made the wrapping paper!  This was a little stocking he stitched and filled with hugs and kisses (you know, the Hershey kind)
A new air seeder for Dallas' farming operations
Little Miss got some new pink boots!
Momma got a magazine rack
I do believe every year Dallas feels the need to crawl completely under the tree to get to presents
Taking a little break to get some Julianne lovin'
Dallas has been asking for this Hagie sprayer since he first saw it last February at the St. Louis Toy Show.
Daddy and Momma had one last surprise for Dallas and Reba after the wrapped presents were opened...
Daddy repainted Dallas' trike and Reba got a pink pedal tractor!

Santa also brought Dallas and Reba Lego tractors and wagons.  They were very excited to put them together.  Momma helped Dallas
and Daddy helped Reba
*Momma has since reassembled above said tractors multiple times each day :)

Overall, we had a wonderful day at home enjoying the blessings God has provided us.

Until next time...


Carla said...

Love the picture of Dallas under the tree! Too funny!

Missy!! said...

Okay, I gotta ask (coming from a fellow tractor loving family) where did you find Lego tractor and wagons???