Monday, November 4, 2013

Walking Tall

A while back (I'm thinking it was Labor Day weekend), one of Doug's aunts passed down some toys for the kiddos.  Included were two sets of stilts.  We set them in the corner of the garage, thinking the kiddos were too young for them.  Fast forward to a couple Sundays ago, Pa-paw, Ma-maw and Aunt Lisa came for a visit.  Pa-paw noticed the stilts, and asked whose they were.  As we're telling the history, Pa-paw proceeded to climb on and take a few steps across the garage (sorry, no pictures of that...)  Ever since Dallas saw Pa-paw walk on the stilts, he has been wanting to try them out too.

Doug and I helped him a few times across the garage, and then we suggested that if he wanted to continue trying, he should move to the grass.

He hasn't taken any steps on his own, but he is getting better at finding his balance to stand!

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Dallas!

Love, Ma-maw