Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

The kiddos were very excited to celebrate Daddy's birthday last week.  They helped pick out a gift for him, and they each made a card.  

When Daddy got home from work, I was out doing chores, and the kiddos were doing their best to convince Daddy it was OK to open his present while I was outside!  Thankfully, Daddy convinced them to wait until I was back inside.

Dallas read his card first...
Then, Reba shared her card
Excitedly watching Daddy open his gift
A new Case skid-steer!
As many of you know, Daddy loves pie!  He will choose pie over cake any day, so Dallas decided we should make a rhubarb pie.  Dallas thought I needed to decorate it with a pulling tractor and sled; I  we decided the cut-out of a tractor would work.
Until next time...

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