Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Polar Express 2013

We once again took the kiddos to ride the Polar Express.  We left from French Lick and made our way to the North Pole on November 8th.  We were very lucky and had great weather!  We arrived early enough to snap a few photos before boarding the train.

Ma-maw and Pa-paw (and Aunt Lisa) joined us once again this year.
As well as Gram, Pa and Aunt Josie!
Patiently waiting for the train to leave the station...

Sometimes they will act as though they really do love one another!
In addition to the grandparents, my cousins and their families joined us!  In all, we had 25 people in our party.
L-R: my cousin Jerry, his son Austin, and his niece Vivian,
and nephews George Martin and James, and their grandpa Jim
Reba and Dallas having their tickets punched
More of our party
My Aunt Joyce and three of her eight grandbabies.
L-R: Grace (Jerry's daughter), Vivian and James (Kathleen's youngest two)
Listening to the story "The Polar Express"
Love the cookies!
And the hot chocolate!
After the story is over, the children are encouraged to get up and dance in aisle.  Grace and Reba only joined in once I got up to dance.
Arriving at the North Pole and waving to Santa...
This was the best picture I was able to get of the kiddos with the Jolly Big Guy.
Once we arrived back in French Lick, we piled all the kiddos into one seat for a picture...you can only imagine what it was like to get 8 kiddos age 5 and under to look and smile
(side note: there might be a little "photo shop" altering to the following group pictures)
L-R: Mattox (8 months), George Martin (4 years), James (7 months),
Dallas (5 years), Grace (3 years), Austin (5 years), Vivian (2 years), Reba (3.9 years)
Little Miss couldn't get enough of the babies!
Daddy and his little girl
Another group photo opt...
L-R: Grace, Vivian, Austin, Dallas, George Martin and Reba
Our little family of 4...soon to be 5! (Dallas may or may not have been "over" pictures by this point)
Until next time...
You can see our previous trips here (2012) and here (2011).

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Missy!! said...

I LOVE that they are all in matching pj's! How fun! :)

So I assume it is a pretty cool trip since you've done it three years, correct?