Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Big Splash Adventure Waterpark

After riding the train to the North Pole, we spent the night in French Lick at the Big Splash Adventure Waterpark.  Ma-maw, Pa-paw, and Aunt Lisa also stayed with us; along with my cousins and their families.  I didn't carry my camera around the first half of our play time, but I did get it out at the end to capture a few smiles from the kiddos!
Once Daddy took Reba down this slide, we couldn't keep her off of it!
Dallas loved this water gun contraption...
You can see the three of big kid slides in this picture, Dallas was tall enough to go down two of them with Daddy (on a tube), and let me tell you...he couldn't get enough of them!
Here's a look at them coming out one of the slides...
Like I said, we couldn't keep Little Miss off this slide...
This little girl sure does love her Daddy (and getting her picture taken!)
Back up the steps to go down the slide...
Then, the kiddos and Daddy got back on the "Lazy River", but they were more "Crazy"!
Daddy tried his best to steer them under the dumping buckets
Another look at Daddy and Dallas going under one of the "waterfalls" on the Lazy River
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