Monday, September 16, 2013

St. Wendel Social

Last weekend (Sept 7-8) was our church's annual Summer Social.  This was the first time we attended, and boy, are we sorry we hadn't been before!  The social started Saturday evening after Mass with a pork chop dinner and the games opening.  I worked in the inflatable area, but Doug and kiddos did not go as they had been at the tractor show in Elnora all day.

Sunday, after Mass, they served a fried chicken dinner.  We chose to go back home first in order for everyone to grab a nap.  We arrived back at the social about 45 minutes before they stopped serving, but there was still plenty of food (and no wait!).

Little Miss enjoying her dinner
After we were done eating, we made our way to the inflatable area.  Dallas LOVED this huge slide!
While Reba preferred the under 5 year old bounce house
 Then, the kiddos ventured over to another slide that was not quite as big (nor as crowded)

Once the kiddos were good and sweaty from bouncing, we headed back inside for the pedal pulls (that will be another post).  After the pulls, we decided to let the kiddos play some of the games.

First up was Plinko

Gotta love the pick-a-duck!

Of course, the favorite...the Dunk Tank!  (FYI: that's our priest, Fr. Ed in the tank!)  Dallas was trying his hardest to dunk him!!!  He did hit the target at least 3 times, but there just wasn't enough power behind the throw to drop Father.
In the end, Dallas hit it with his hand!
Of course, the kiddos wanted to go back to the inflatables, and this time, Reba braved the giant slide!

Dallas loved to see how high he could jump on the "take-off"
We had a few more tickets to use up on the games, so Daddy tried the coin toss
And, Reba wanted to try the dunk tank
Little Miss didn't have as good of aim as Big Brother, but she still got to push the paddle in the end
After all the tickets were spent, we grabbed a bowl of ice cream and counted how many tokens the kiddos had won from the games.  We then made our way to the prize area to see what fun stuff the kiddos could "buy".  One of the favorite things they came home with...tattoos!

Unfortunately, Dallas' baseball man didn't last very long (it was completely gone by the following night).  Reba's, on the other, hand lasted at least 5 days!

Overall, we had a super fun day, and the kiddos slept like rocks from bouncing so much!

Until next time...

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