Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pedal Pulling at the Social

As I mentioned in a previous post, the kiddos took a break from the bounce houses to participate in the pedal pulls.

They started with the 3/4 year old class, and Reba happened to be the very first puller.  As you hear on the video, there is 63 lb in the sled, and Little Miss gets a FULL PULL!

Once each kiddo in the group pulled, they started the pull offs (did I mentioned each kiddo got a full pull?)  On Reba's second attempt, she didn't drive so straight and actually drove off the track
They decided to let her rest and come back at the end to try again.  In hind sight, we wished they would have taken that distance because on her third time down the track, she didn't get near as far.  Oh well...she still had a blast!
The next class consisted of the 5/6 years; Dallas was the 3rd or 4th puller.

He didn't quite get a full pull, but he still finished 4th in his class.

The local newspaper was at the pulls, and the photographer was able to capture these awesome photos of my puller!
You know he's working hard when the tongue is hanging out!
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