Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kentucky State Fair

The weekend of August 23-25, we were off enjoying the Kentucky State Fair with Pa-paw, Ma-maw, and Aunt Lisa.  The kiddos were very excited to see Eleanor and Rebecca again; they had been at Pa-paw's house since the Jackson County Fair.

I was even able to get our "farm" sign done in time for the fair...
We chose the name "Mountain Man" because of our German roots.  For those that are not brushed up on their German: "Berg" = Mountain

The kiddos were very willing to help get their ewes ready...

Reba working on Rebecca
Dallas carding Eleanor's legs
The kiddos helping Pa-paw with a yearling ewe
Daddy and Momma showing Maybelle
Dallas was insistent on walking Eleanor to the ring
Reba was content following Rebecca
They did a great job of staying with their lambs and paying attention to the judge
Of course, Little Miss spotted Ma-maw with the camera...
Dallas working hard to keep Eleanor's back level
 Reba keeping Rebecca calm by rubbing her belly
A nice family photo
When we were not showing, we would occasionally "lose" Dallas, but he was never too far.  He would be a few pens down admiring our friend's Horned Dorset
Joel was even kind enough to get the big guy out so Dallas could get his picture with it
(Can I just say, that is one amazing set of horns!)
And if Reba went "missing", you could find her lovin' on Joel's little man, Jude!
Until next time...

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Erin P said...

I am assuming that was Joel P! Kiddos look like they are really getting the hang of showing...and I LOVE your sign! :)