Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jackson County Fair 2013

As I mentioned previously, we had to get the sheep up to Pa-paw's house so he could take them to a few more fairs for us.  The first one on the list was the Jackson County Fair.  We have been showing sheep at this particular fair for over 20 years, and we absolutely love going back!  

This year, we decided to let the kiddos try the youth halter lead (pee-wee lead) class.  They had been working so hard with training the sheep at our house, and we wanted them to experience showing on their own.

We started out by getting the girls out to walk and calm down before entering the ring.

Finally, it was time for the class to start! Unfortunately, Dallas got knocked down by another youngster on his way into the ring and fell in a cow patty.  In the process, he bumped Reba, causing her to loose hold of Rebecca!

Once, Dallas got in the ring, he did great!
Reba decided she didn't like following everyone else in the class, thus passing them all in the parade laps!
Neither Dallas nor Reba won, but I think they enjoyed the experience.
Once the open show started, Little Miss was more concerned with smiling for the camera than watching the show
But when it was time for the lamb class, she was all business - helping Momma show Rebecca.
Dallas proudly showing Eleanor (with some help from Daddy)
Again...smiling for the camera!

Not sure if Dallas was upset with Daddy, upset with his placing, or just not wanting to smile...

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